26 July 2008

Answers to Questions

I really got inspired by how Fei answers questions and comments so personally. It's so sweet and down-to-earth, so I decided to show my readers that I'm not ignoring them! haha. So here are some questions I felt that I should answer.

that's so pretty omg I wanna try that! how did you draw such a perfect french tip line? and what kind of glitter did you use, from where?

- incandescent

Honestly, I usually don't do French tip smile lines because it's too much of a hassle, but this time I just used the brush and put it a little bit at a time. I hope that makes sense, but that's why some nails' smile line looks straighter than others. I got the glitter from eBay, from like a nail supply eBay-er; here's the link to their store.

I bought an acrylic kit a few months back. Man, it takes a lot of patience. I ended up returning it because it wasn't as easy to work with or as great quality as pro stuff probably is.

Very cute version! Where do you buy your tips?

- fei

It was taking FOREVER to finish my nails.. my back hurt so much once I was done! I'm probably not going to do these for a while, lol. And I got my tips at the same store as my glitter; here.

we clearly need to start a car club...i have the M3 and 335...we some chick with a 6 series and 7 series...and i think we would all beee soooooooooooooooooooooo damn bad ass!!!...i love the smoked out lights...shiut is hot woman ...you have great taste!

- xpinkx

Omg. M3?? I'm so jealous! haha. I wanted one but my dad said I didn't need 335 horsepower ): He almost didn't buy me the 530i instead of the 525i because of the horsepower difference, lol. He knows NOTHING! But that's sweet. We should have a BMW club, lol! Thanks, about the smoked out lights. I've ALWAYS loved how they looked, but I didn't want to spend hundreds and get it done professionally. I just got vinyl overlays for like $80 bucks online, and spent 3 hours putting them on lol! I've always liked black on black cars with smoked out lights and tinted windows, and black rims. Sexxxy.

Those nails on your previous entry looks really nice, where you got them?

- Ms. _______ 2 be!

Thanks! I got them from the RiteAid that I go to. I found them in the nail/acrylic aisle.

that cover and your nails are really cute! why did you take them off? they look really pretty!

- Lily

I took them off because the glue didn't spread evenly under the nail, so it looked really patchy. It didn't show up on camera (thank god!), but it looked really weird in person.

how do you like the korres lip balm thing? i've debated getting it but wasn't sure on the quality, i know they have a guava too and that one smells incredible! :D

- Sooji

I really like the Korres Lip Balm. I got it simply because it's a sheer tint, since I'm not much of a lipstick/lipgloss kind of girl. I really like it, but I have to wear it with my Rosebud Salve or chapstick. It smells really good too! I haven't tried the Guava yet, but it sounds like it would smell yummy (:

hey! i love your looks, theyre so pretty! anyways, been browsing around and noticed ur cute bird necklace.. just wondering where u got it =) thanks!

- Patricia

Thanks! I love that necklace, but it's made of cheap metal.. the boyfriend said it started to make my neck taste like metal! lol. So I barely wear it anymore ): Well anywho, I bought it at Urban Outfitters; you can find it here. I got it on sale for $16 from $18 because of a discount code I found at RetailMeNot.com.

did you end up getting the hellokitty tattoo? what kind of camera do you use btw?

- lala

No, sadly, I didn't end up getting my tattoo yet. More about that down there. About my camera, I'm not even sure since it's like 3 years old (from my senior year, before prom). But it's a Sony Cybershot with 5.0 megapixels. I really want a new camera, though ):


I'm sure there are more, but I'm too lazy to search through more of my posts for the comments haha. Leave any questions, and hopefully I'll be answering questions more!


Oh yeah, A tattoo update -- I thought my tattoo appointment for my Hello Kitty was on Thursday night at 10pm, but it was actually Wednesday night! Ugh. So I just got my cherry blossoms and my mom's name touched up and added to. It looks really good because Sean added some black to my branches to weigh it down more. It looks gorgeous. I love it. But anyways, I made another appointment for this Wednesday at 11am, so I can get them before I go in for work. The boyfriend is also getting his that day (a b&w sparrow holding a "mother" banner), I'm excited for him. I'll have pictures for sure!

I hope you all have a good weekend!

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