19 February 2009


My phone lines, Time Warner (ew!) DVR, and INTERNET is set up now in my new apartment!! I have not taken any pictures because it's still messy ): Well, my room is. The outside living room/kitchen/dining room is pretty damn immaculate kuz I'm crazy OCD like that! Grr.

Anywho. I unpacked half of my clothes, most of my shoes and purses, and makeup already. But I haven't unpacked my books, or my desk. I didn't realize I just have SO MUCH SHIT. Gah! I blame my hoarding mom, haha. I just collect little things.. ugh. I'll be sure to take pictures once everything in my room is neat. It's just such a hassle, trying to find space for my shit AND the bf's. He keeps throwing his socks and clothes EVERYWHERE when he comes home.. stinky boys.

Things are looking up for me, for the most part!
1. My dad said I'm getting a slight raise! No more 12/hr pay.
2. Both my brother and I are getting a bonus at the end of the month, considering our move out.
3. My dad is signing over both of our cars (my BMW, and his Caddy).
4. (and most importantly), my dad has been really, really, really, uncharacteristically nice to us. It's nice.

Since I have internet at home now, I'll be posting more (hopefully!). But my stinky brother stole my old crappy webcam so that he can "chat" (o_O) with his sort of girlfriend, but not really girlfriend (it's complicated). So I guess I'll look into buying a newer, better one, that I can clip on my laptop.

Oh and I'm getting my 6th tattoo next Thursday night. I was scheduled to get it YESTERDAY, but I rescheduled because I'm not completely sure what I want to get yet. My list of tattoos I want still is..

1. Swallow/sparrow. Not sure which design I like, since there are soo many variations of both. I'm leaning more towards a realistic looking swallow. Black and white. I just don't know where I want it, so I think I'll hold off for a while longer.
2. A dia de los muertos skull, or a sugar skull. I haven't found a style that I like yet, and the placement I want for it.. it isn't the right timing. I'm thinking of putting it on my inner bicep.. not my right hip. The bf says that I'll look weird with tattoos on both sides of my body.. I think it has something to so with my OCD need to balance out things. -shrug- I'm waiting for this one too.
Which brings me to.. 3. I've been obsessed about Coheed for the last I-don't-know-how-many months. They were my first real concert experience, and it was fucking awesome, to say the least! They're a band that's really true to themselves and is never fazed by stupid comments and people calling them "emo," which they clearly are not! Also, who wouldn't love a CONCEPT BAND? With 4 concept albums out?! Mm, talent. Anyways, I was planning on getting a string of lyrics on right side. Starting sort of on my back ribs and coming to the side of my stomach. I was thinking "Man your own jackhammer!!" with a little dragonfly, but people keep telling me that it sounds sexual. Boo. I just LOVE that song.. a lot (In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3). Now I'm just looking into awesome, more obscure lyrics of theirs. I'm just excited to be getting more ink.

Wow, this post went way longer than I had intended.. But I'll hopefully have a post up tonight or tomorrow. I picked up my HK stuff. It's not much, but I wasn't interested in many products. I'm waiting for my Kouture compact next month! HEHE.