17 March 2009

Getting into Gear

Sorry for my prolonged absence, ladies.
I've been working two jobs and trying to maintain a clean apt (thanks to living to two boys, it's a LOT of a work). I'm working at my dad's private school again since he FIRED the bitch that fired me.. (: And then I'm hostessing at my dad's restaurant (East 180). That shit is TIRING.

The reason for this post was to write about my weight. I haven't been taking many pictures of myself lately because I don't like how it looks. I've noticed my face is a bit chubbier along the jawline. I finally weighed myself after about 3 months. I haven't had a scale in my vicinity since we moved out of our "small house" in December, back to our "big house." My trainer and I went to the big ass scale at the gym, and it said 133. Oh. My. God. I was kind of upset on the inside. I don't know how I got this bad. I kept thinking about how I used to be 108. Or 115 after I gained some muscle mass from working out 4x a week.

Well. It was a wake up call, and I'm seriously going to get into gear. I'm scheduled to work out at the gym twice a week, AND the bf and I will start taking walks or short runs. I've never been a runner, so we'll build up to running/jogging eventually.

Okay, I know that picture-less posts kind of suck, so I fooled around with my new Macbook (for work only ;p) so here are a few silly pictures!

My Kitty Kouture compact! (: I loooooveee

My mommy came to visit me at my apt. this weekend, and she brought my baby, Icee! hehe. Sorry for the darkness, though ):

I'm going to try try try and update more. I feel so guilty since I lurk, ha. But okay. Have a great Tuesday, girls!

Btw, did anyone watch GOSSIP GIRL LAST NIGHt?!?!?! OMgggg, haha. Lonely boy is soooo annoying!

19 February 2009


My phone lines, Time Warner (ew!) DVR, and INTERNET is set up now in my new apartment!! I have not taken any pictures because it's still messy ): Well, my room is. The outside living room/kitchen/dining room is pretty damn immaculate kuz I'm crazy OCD like that! Grr.

Anywho. I unpacked half of my clothes, most of my shoes and purses, and makeup already. But I haven't unpacked my books, or my desk. I didn't realize I just have SO MUCH SHIT. Gah! I blame my hoarding mom, haha. I just collect little things.. ugh. I'll be sure to take pictures once everything in my room is neat. It's just such a hassle, trying to find space for my shit AND the bf's. He keeps throwing his socks and clothes EVERYWHERE when he comes home.. stinky boys.

Things are looking up for me, for the most part!
1. My dad said I'm getting a slight raise! No more 12/hr pay.
2. Both my brother and I are getting a bonus at the end of the month, considering our move out.
3. My dad is signing over both of our cars (my BMW, and his Caddy).
4. (and most importantly), my dad has been really, really, really, uncharacteristically nice to us. It's nice.

Since I have internet at home now, I'll be posting more (hopefully!). But my stinky brother stole my old crappy webcam so that he can "chat" (o_O) with his sort of girlfriend, but not really girlfriend (it's complicated). So I guess I'll look into buying a newer, better one, that I can clip on my laptop.

Oh and I'm getting my 6th tattoo next Thursday night. I was scheduled to get it YESTERDAY, but I rescheduled because I'm not completely sure what I want to get yet. My list of tattoos I want still is..

1. Swallow/sparrow. Not sure which design I like, since there are soo many variations of both. I'm leaning more towards a realistic looking swallow. Black and white. I just don't know where I want it, so I think I'll hold off for a while longer.
2. A dia de los muertos skull, or a sugar skull. I haven't found a style that I like yet, and the placement I want for it.. it isn't the right timing. I'm thinking of putting it on my inner bicep.. not my right hip. The bf says that I'll look weird with tattoos on both sides of my body.. I think it has something to so with my OCD need to balance out things. -shrug- I'm waiting for this one too.
Which brings me to.. 3. I've been obsessed about Coheed for the last I-don't-know-how-many months. They were my first real concert experience, and it was fucking awesome, to say the least! They're a band that's really true to themselves and is never fazed by stupid comments and people calling them "emo," which they clearly are not! Also, who wouldn't love a CONCEPT BAND? With 4 concept albums out?! Mm, talent. Anyways, I was planning on getting a string of lyrics on right side. Starting sort of on my back ribs and coming to the side of my stomach. I was thinking "Man your own jackhammer!!" with a little dragonfly, but people keep telling me that it sounds sexual. Boo. I just LOVE that song.. a lot (In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3). Now I'm just looking into awesome, more obscure lyrics of theirs. I'm just excited to be getting more ink.

Wow, this post went way longer than I had intended.. But I'll hopefully have a post up tonight or tomorrow. I picked up my HK stuff. It's not much, but I wasn't interested in many products. I'm waiting for my Kouture compact next month! HEHE.

30 January 2009

Quick Answer

Lyan -- The Kitty House is in Irvine, by Walnut and Jeffrey. It's next to Taiko and Yogurtland. I noticed last time I went that they have those cue pictures too. haha!

Hi!! I just stumbled across your blog when I was searching for reviews on too faced pinpoint mascara. I am Chinese with straight thin lashes and have been using benefits badgal which is decent but uncurls. I live on the east coast and I really adore your make-up. Can you help?! I need a liner for the bottom of my lashline (the rim) a nice everyday pink beige gloss definately a good mascara and a good blush. Have you tried the tarte cheek stain? What do you recommend :(? Thanks. You are ├╝ber pretty!
Hello. Badgal doesn't hold much of a curl for me, that's why I never use it. The mascara that I recommend for anyone and pretty much everyone is Katie B's Faux Lash Mascara. It did wonders for me, and I've been using it for over 3 years. For my waterline, I use also use Katie B's eyeliner. It's a bit pricey, but it is the least smudging eyeliner I've ever used. I'm not sure what I can recommend for you regarding a pinky-beige lip gloss. I recently bought Dior Addict lip gloss in Lacy Apricot. It's a pretty peach-y color, and I love it. With blushes, I'm really picky. NARS Orgasm is a good color. I usually use MAC's mineralize blush in Nuance for my everyday looks. Sorry, but I'm not much of a blush collector. I've tried the Tarte cheek stain in Sephora, but I never really liked it. The blending is sort of weird, and I don't really like putting sticky stuff on my cheeks. I hope this helps you. Thanks for reading!

27 January 2009

Weekend Haul!

I went to the mall with my bestie to pick up some presents for her mom's birthday.. so of COURSE we had to drop by Sephora!

This is my haul from this weekend --
Origins Clear Improvement mask, Dior Addict lip gloss in Lacy Apricot, Too Faced First Base, NARS multiple in Copacabana, heated eyelash curler, small e/s brush, MAC Bare Study paint pot, MAC MSF in Medium, and 100 pack MAC wipes.

My mom bought me an Origins mask because she had a 25% off coupon. I've used this mask a long time ago, but it makes my skin reaally white after I use it. Maybe I'll write a scary post with me wearing this mask! haha.

Dior Addict ultra gloss reflect in Lacy Apricot. I fell in love with this lip gloss because of its peachy undertones! And it's so pretty! Mm.

Too Faced came out with a new product called First Base. I'm guessing it's supposed to be used somewhat like how I use MAC's Bare Study paint pot. The texture is a little creamier than I'd like, but I have yet to really use it.. so I'll let you girls know how I like it at a later time!

I saw Pink use this NARS Multiple in Copacabana, and I fell in love! It's such a gorgeous, subtle sheen if it's blended correctly. It's perfect right on the cheekbones!

My MAC haul.

I used my WHOLE POT of Bare Study, lol! I was dying.. so I had to pick up another one!

In all honestly, I picked this up because of Pink also! In her post about BB creams and such, she has a video in which she uses her MSF lightly over her BB cream and concealer.. and her skin looks like silk! I haad to get my hands on it. I've only used it twice, but I'm totally in love!!

& My mom gave me the cutest red envelope! haha. It's such a cute little girl. It's funny, kuz in the pack of red envelopes my mom bought, there was a little surfer boy! And she gave it to the bf kuz he loves surfing. It was sweet (:

And.. last but NOT least!! This is the necklace that I've been raving about (if you follow me on Twitter)!! Metropark was sold out around Christmas season and it hasn't been in-stock SINCE!! So, I went to pick up some shaved ice in Irvine with the bf, and there's a HK store called Kitty House right next to it. OF COURSE, I went in there (: haha.. and I found it!! They had two in stock, so I bought both! One for me, and one for my mama (: It's her really really really late Christmas present (since I had no moneys around the holidays).

I'm totally in love! AND it's pink (:

23 January 2009

Tiny Beauty Palace Haul & An Update

So, last week I decided that I want to try a BB cream. It's mostly because my skin has been acting up lately (I blame the weather) by being more red and blotchy, and breaking out! Ew. And also kuz my mom wasn't blessed with being pretty, and got brown spots and dark circles.. (my poor mamas). I think it'll help her confidence to have prettier skin, even if it is so far into the game.

So anyways, after work, I dropped by the Beauty Palace across the street from the Country, because I know it's Korean owned. I was hoping to find some cheap(er) but good BB creams. Boy, was I wrong!! This older Korean woman walked up to me and started talking.. and talking.. and wouldn't shut the fuck up!! I got really annoyed. Kuz all she wanted to do was SELL ME BB CREAMS THAT WERE OVER $100! Seriously. I asked her for cheaper ones, and she's like, "This one is only $80." Dude, I'm not STUPID. I won't get hustled anymore by salespeople.. and plus, I'm too damn broke to be hustled like that. Anyroad, I totally got saved by the bf calling me (thank goodness!), so I walked away and found a teasing comb. Oh and I found a whole stand of Darkness lashes. I've never heard of the brand , especially since I never wear falsies! But I found two that were interesting. It was 2 for $5. I'm not sure if that was a good price.. but I said hey, why not.

This is what I ended up getting --

A teasing comb, bobby pins (I keep losing them!), and 2 pairs of Darkness lashes.

The texture of the teeth is what makes it awesome. Now, if only my hair would HOLD a tease..

The two lashes.

This one caught my eye kuz it's so dense. It's also cool kuz the ends seem to criss cross vertically.

And each box incudes glue. Or at least I THINK it's glue.. "/ lol.


Other news is that I just talked to the guy I'm planning to rent from. And he said that he definitely wants to rent with us. Yay (: And in anticipation of uprooting my room ONCE MORE, I let my OCD take over and I made post-its for my boxes. I organized it by where I'd end up putting the stuff in my new room, and then in fine print (that you can't really read/see), I wrote what would be going in that box itself. Lol, right? I'm just excited.. (: But thanks everyone for your well wishes and such. I'm just glad to be sharing it with you guys, because everyone has to go through this transition of gaining independence.

Also, adding to moving news. I'm picking up a desk for $10(!!!!) from some girl in Irvine. It's a super cute Ikea desk that they painted dark brown and put polka dot contact paper on.. heehee (: Totally me. I also found the dining table set I wanted at Ikea. Sooo cute!! It's originally $100, and they're selling it for $80. It's not much of a discount, but it's pretty new, and no tax!

I also found a TV stand I REALLY REALLY want.. but it's $139. $139 that I can't spare right now ): But it's soo cute, and perfect for my 36" flat screen.

Okay, well. Time to keep "working" haha.. Oh and I'm still trying to edit my video I filmed earlier this week. My windows movie maker has been acting up. SOO ANNOYING!! I need a new computer -____-

Well, happy Friday! Have a good weekend, kuz I know I will! I have a lot planned (: