14 July 2008

Obama is my new love

So, I haven't really been keeping up with the Presidential campaign this year, but after reading about an article that Perez Hilton linked, I decided to read up on our two candidates this year.

I've only gotten in-depth with Barack Obama, and I've got to say, I'm in love. I've read a few articles about McCain, and... no likey. Seriously. And plus, I'm a Democrat (:

I was reading about Obama on Wiki -- I zoomed through his childhood, education, and early career.. What I was really looking forward to reading is about his policies, and what he believes in. I did this because his policies will decide the election. I'll write more about his policies later.. I'm too political-stuffed out.. haha.

Mmm (: also, it's SO much more appealing to have a 45-year-old president instead of a 70-something adulterer! Right??

(I'm sure that we all have different beliefs, but these are mine. You are welcome to disagree, but just don't say anything negative. Thanks!)

Btw--I'm editing pictures for my brow tutorial. It's taking effing forever because there are like, a million pictures! But one bad thing is that I totally effed my eyebrows because I cut it WAY too short when I was trimming (it was my first time doing this! ):). Despite this, I'll post it up.. "/


L said...

lil mamacita, ur pickin' the right man... you just reminded me that i have to re-register to vote and do an absentee ballot.

this will be an interesting election. it's so ground breaking and i hope that our country is ready for it. i know the minorities are and i hope we can carry O to the top.

but trust me, there will be many hurdles and obstacles. i defn encourage you to do your own research and don't let propaganda sway you.



Lily said...

whoo! i'm voting for obama!

Anonymous said...

i like obama too! seems like he and hilary have gotten close latey. i actually think it would be neat if she was our vice president! i like obama better but i like that she's so strong-minded and independent and smart.