02 July 2008

My Brows!

I just wanted to blog and say.. that I truly tried the Anastasia Brow Kit for the first time ever (I couldn't completely figure it out my first two tries, and sort of gave up, lol).. and I LOVE it. I ended up using the Petite Arch, and the results are gorgeous. It's a little on the thin side, but I've been feeling like my eyebrows have been too bushy, lol.

I'll take pictures tomorrow (because I'm totally bare-faced right now ><), and show you how fabulous they are. I never realized how effing easy it could be to have (near) perfect brows at home! Although, I did do it a bit differently than what the directions say. I lost my double-sided brush and spoolie, so I used my eyebrow pencil (a bit of a waste, I saw in the end. Lame).. I still got the same results though! If anyone wants, I can post a picture tutorial of what I did when my eyebrows grow in bushy again (: teehee. Ok. Have a good Wednesday! I'm going to the Whittier Streetfair again with the boyfriend, bestie, and her boyfriend.. so there's no doubt that I'll be picking up some more (useless) shit (:



melody said...


Definetely put up a tutorial :)
How do you know which brow stencil to choose from? Does it depend on your face shape?
I have a long face, and those asian bushy eyebrows =P Which stencil would you recommend?

I saw some stencils at CVS, and I might go check that out. Thanks!!

spankedelic said...

i haven't really used the blushes =/ i keep reaching for my mac blushes. lol. but i'm gonna do a look with that palette today and see how that goes =) i've used the eyeshadows but just not the blush. i ordered the 88 palette and will be getting that in soon =) i'll compare and see how the pigmentation of both of the palettes are.

IchigoBunnie said...

i've always been scared to use those stencils for some reason....im always scared that i'll mess up or something ^^()

gosh, my brows are looking soooo bushy--too bad my mom won't let me have them trimmed! it feels so embarrassing to be walking around with such bushy brows...

very lucky you got yourself a nice kit to shape your already perfect brows! :)

aireen said...

i don't remember if i've left you comments before, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, i won't say what i've said in the past (haha don't worry all good things!)

ooo i can't wait to for you to get more stuff, i love seeing what other people get hahaha im so nosy :( but it's bad because it makes ME want to go shop bad bad bad.

i want to see your eye brows! everything else is so pretty already!