07 July 2008

Monday Haul! (:

I ordered the Coastal Scents 88 Shadow Palette last week (thanks to Spankedelic!), and it arrived today! I'm pretty excited because I've heard that the shadows on this palette are more pigmented than the 78 color palette (which I have). From what I can see so far, it's super pigmented, and the colors are so pretty! I swatched only a few, but I'm excited to use it.. hopefully tomorrow!

** (Click to enlarge any of the pictures. I finally figured that out! lol) **


I received my shipment from Regent's Secret. They had a sale on Frankie B jeans last week (TOTALLY MY HG JEANS!), and I bought a pair of skinny jeans. Soo cute. They have a stud detail that's pretty punk rock (lol!). Shipping was pretty fast too!

They cost about $215 with tax (but not shipping), but I got it for $90, including shipping. OMG! haha. I HAD to buy them ;x


& The boyfriend had to go get his watch fixed today, so we went to the watch shop at the Brea Mall. So I obviously had to visit Sephora (: teehee. I got a huge haul.

In boxes.

Too Faced Liquif-Eye, Benefit Posie Tint, Tarte 24/7 Moisturizing Lipsheer in Summer Fling, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Yayo, Clinique Lash Primer, NARS blush in Lovejoy, Benefit Babecake cake liner, Sephora crease brush, duo fiber stippling brush, and brow trimmer and comb.

UD Yayo, Tarte in Summer Fling, NARS Lovejoy blush, Benefit Posie Tint, Benefit Posit Tint blended.

I've been looking forever for the right shade of a white eyeliner pencil. I didn't want a matte one, because it just looks a little funny.. so I was so excited when I found a pearly white one!


I wanted to compare the Coastal Scents Duo Fiber Stippling Brush and the Sephora one.


Size of the tops

Notice how much flatter the Sephora brush is..

This view is supposed to show that the Sephora brush is much more dense than the CS one is.

I won't fully know which one I like better until I use it tomorrow with my foundation. But from what I can see right now, the Sephora brush seems like it would work better because it's more dense and firm. I find that the CS brush is a sort of feeble.. like, it's not stiff enough to really hold enough product or stipple it good enough.

I'll be using these products more over the next few days, hopefully.. so I'll probably put up short reviews of stuff (:


A little FOTD--
(My double eyelids were acting up again, and I haven't been getting a lot of sleep, so they're really small. Lame. So my makeup looks a bit different. Also, I put this stuff on at like noon, and I didn't get the chance to take pictures until around 10:30pm.. so it's a bit smudged, haha)

MAC Bare Study p/p
NYX Lime Green e/s (from a trio)
Smashbox Serpent e/s
MAC Black Tied e/s
Stila Wheat e/s
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Katie B Powderliner
Katie B Fauxlash Mascara
MAC Spiked Brow Pencil
MAC Wheat Brow Finisher

Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation in Medium
MAC Moisturecover in NW20
MAC Sincere blush

Tart 24/7 Moisturizing Lipsheer in Summer Fling

Ew! Lack-of-sleep blemish ): But my brows looking fabulous totally makes up for it! lol. (Oh, and I'll post up a brow post in a week or so, because I should grow out my brows a bit before I do it again!)

Btw. My friend (who's licensed!) cut my hair last Thursday just to clean up my layers and such.. and I love it! I haven't had the chance to really take a picture of it yet, but I will soon, hopefully. I dyed it earlier that day too.. to a "Natural Dark Brown" by Nice n' Easy. It's a gorgeous brown that's not too dark (because I made the mistake of dying my hair BLACK my senior year.. it looked horrendous ><)

Well. I hope you all had a great Monday (: Byebye!


alien man?! said...

hey pretty girl!!! you look so good :) and wow lucky you!!! you totally scored w/the 88 shadow palette! some of us are doomed to visit CS everyday until it finally comes out T_T

Gee said...

That's some major hauling!! Let use know how the PoiseTint is :)

Where is this Katie B brand from?? I keep seeing it and I've never heard of it -_-

miemiemie said...

hey, ur so pretty im starting to hate you! hahaha kidding aside, u are pretty, hahaha not in a lesbo way though. :D

IchigoBunnie said...

omg your brows look GREAT!! and nice haul you got there too! the benefit one posie tint looks really pretty :3

Aya said...

Cutsie FOTD! I've been using my 78-piece palette almost everyday...but I really want the 88-piece! Looking forward to the looks you come up with. Nice jeans...what a steal! Lucky you ;)

Aya said...

I read ur post properly...I just realized I used the same hurrr dye as you did! I have SO much hair, it took me two hours and two boxes to get my entire head saturated...and I had to have my man help me. Did you dye your hair by yourself? I hope mine turns out okay >.<