25 January 2012


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a new boyfriend. "New" in the sense that he's different from who I was dating when I was blogging in the past. We've actually been dating for 6 months now :) His name is Minghye Scott Yang, and he is amazing. He also just happens to be my Jie, L's little brother, haha! It's funny how life works things out for you.

Well, like I said, we reached 6 months recently (on the 16th, actually). I posted the first picture on Instagram (follow me: joeybean), so if you're following me, then you've already seen it. But I like the collage so much that I wanted to share it on here. It's just a compilation of pictures of us these past 6 months!


Here is a picture of what we did to "celebrate." I say celebrate in the loosest term possible because we're both a little tight on cash, so we went on a double date with our friends :) Had delicious ramen at Shin Sen Gumi, and he let me order whatever I wanted! Which included the crab croquette! Afterwards, we went to Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge where I ordered a Mango Moonlight (I believe!) which is a mango flavored tea with bits of green mango. Our anniversary was special because we just spent time together and in good company. We're hoping to do something bigger for our 1 year in July though :)

Shin Sen Gumi
18315 Brookhurst St. Unit 1
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 962-8971

Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge
15556 Brookhurst St. Suite B
Fountain Valley, CA 92683
(714) 839-0030

24 January 2012

Chicken Salad

After being super duper healthy for a good portion of last year, I (unfortunately) let go of my.. inhibitions when it came to food. The boyfriend also gave in more than usual and we ate out a LOT. Once the new year came, I wanted to get back into the rhythm of things. This is one of the meals that I made to eat. Pretty healthy ^__^

Romaine and spinach leaves. 1/2 a grilled (perfectly!) chicken breast. Avocados. Fat free soy ginger sesame dressing.

22 January 2012


I have a silly black cat, his name is Jiji. I adopted him last January because of impending changes in my life. I wanted him to keep me company as I expected to have a lot more 'lonely' time. He brought me endless laughter and happiness. I'm so glad that I ended up bringing him home.

One of the games we play is our 'Peeking Game,' in which we take turns peeking at each other from different sides of my mom's tv, lol.

14 January 2012

Saturday Lunch Date with Mommy

My mom told me she has been craving Hainan Chicken from Savoy Kitchen (all the way in Alhambra!) since Thursday night. She was saying that it was a goal of hers to go this weekend. I didn't want her to so far alone, so we made plans to go this morning!

We ordered the famed Hainan Chicken and rice dish with only dark meat. Dark meat is definitely my favorite type of chicken meat, aside from the skin. The chicken was very moist and juicy, and perfectly paired with their ginger sauce. I'm not one to eat spicy food or sauces, but they had a chili sauce to dip in, and it was pretty tasty. I ordered Chrysanthemum tea and my mom ordered the iced tea with lemon; both were yummy! The bill was only $23 for the both of us, so the prices were pretty reasonable for the quality of food.

Savoy Kitchen
138 E. Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 308-9535

09 January 2012


I'm trying to stay true to my promise to start blogging more. Here are pictures of my nails from the other day. It's China Glaze 'Some Like it Haute' and Essie 'A Cut Above' on the ring finger. I ended up using two layers of each.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about 'Some Like it Haute' yet because I didn't really like the resulting texture. It was very thick and has chunky glitters, whereas 'A Cut Above' did not feel thick at all, even after two coats. I actually should have used three coats, but oh well. There's always next time.

No flash

What do you think of the two colors?

06 January 2012

Ok, I lied.

I didn't re-start up my blog last year, lol! But I'd like to this year. Things are SO different for me now. I lost over 30lbs last year, I have a new boyfriend, and a new outlook on life!

I'd like to do short(er) blog entries from my trusty iPhone! Pictures of my nails and food, mostly.

Either way, I hope I still have SOME readers out there, lol. I look forward to connecting with readers again ^___^

To start, here are my nails from the other week. Essie Turquoise & Caicos topped with Essie Shine of the Times, and OPI Gone Gonzo on the ring finger.