12 August 2008

I'm a Horrible Person ):

I've been neglecting my blog SO MUCH! And all of you ladies ):

My dad has been out of the country for the last week, and I'm pretty much just totally taking advantage of the fact! haha. I've been clubbing three times, and my boyfriend sleeps over every night. I drive my car out as late as I want, and I've gone swimming without worrying about people seeing my tattoos! Wow. It's such a liberating feeling. I feel like MYSELF at home. It's a weird feeling, lol.

Anywho. Thanks for the concern (especially (g)ezebel for the follow-up comment!) about my stye I got last week. I was pretty quick to get on going to the eye doctor's. I went Monday (last week) right after work and got me some antibiotics. I also had to do hot compresses with a boiled egg 2-4 times a day. She tells me to use eggs because it retains the heat a LOT longer than a hot towel would. It works so well! Anywho, after looking completely disgusting all day Monday and Tuesday, it popped by itself (gross!) when I was clubbing (DOUBLE GROSS!). It didn't necessarily POP; it just drained. It felt like I had really watery eyes, haha. I'm just glad it was gone and I didn't have any pain!

Last week was pretty busy.. I only went to work on two days! lol. I took a trip to Venice beach with my brother, the bf, his brother, and two korean kids. It was really fun! I have yet to upload pictures, but I will today, I hope.

Anywho. I'm off to buy lunch for the boyfriend and brother. I'll post again later today, hopefully (:


Fei said...

I looooove when the parental units are gone, or I'M gone. It's a very liberating feeling to be able to be yourself.

They don't know about your tattoos?? lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks! yeah, exes are a bitch! lol. glad your eye is feeling better!

alien man?! said...

LOL! Joey Gone Wild! *flashes boobs

Haha, you're so cute.

Ugh, I hate styes. I use salt water to get rid of it. Hm, come to think of it, I haven't had a stye in years. I used to get them rather often as a child.

Glad to hear your eye is better!

Imee @ Life As ICEY It said...

oh i used to love it when my parents were out of town too! kickbacks everyday, not caring abour tattoos or beer bottles everywhere... then the older i got, they saw more and more of my wild side and just stopped caring, lol. hope that stye is healing =)

MakeupByRenRen said...

lol that's how i used to be when my parents were gone...i'm glad ur gone!

donnax0r said...

Glad to hear that it's gone now! My roommate got a wart looking thing in her eye too and went back home before getting it looked at. I actually haven't seen her yet, but she was telling me that she was on antibiotics and was heading out to a bachelorette party but no drinky for her! hahah.