26 July 2008

Silent Hill Nurses and Halloween

So, my bestie, Drea, and I were talking with the boyfriends about Halloween this year. Even after knowing her for 4 years, we've NEVER hung out on Halloween! So she says she wants to have a party or even a Haunted House maze-thing at her house.. that would be so fun! But anywho, the highlight of the conversation is that she wants to dress up together with our other friend Loni as the nurses from Silent Hill! That would be SO EFFING AMAZING. I loved the Silent Hill movie! The games freaked me out way too much ): But I was Wiki-ing the nurses on the Silent Hill video games, and it's weird how they vary by each game. It's cool.

Well, I was looking up pictures to see if anyone has tried being one of those nurses (of course!), and a lot of cosplayers. There's some pretty effing amazing stuff, but then there's the... not so amazing stuff, lol! Here are a few pictures.


Newest video game version. They are very much modeled after the nurses from the Silent Hill movie.

An older verion, from SH2 I think.

I think this just might be artwork.. it's so detailed and beautifully disgusting.

Now, this is cosplay. It's insane how she made the face look! And I like the stains on the dress. It's like a muddy sort of color.

Some nurses at a convention. Their hats are little off, though..

I'm guessing this was a Halloween party. She did a pretty good job.

THIS WAS THE BEST, BAR NONE! Insane. I want to ask her how she got the coloring down, and how she frayed the hem. My goodness.

And here are some Japanese girls, parading around Japan to promote the movie release. Theirs was the tamer of the different kinds of costumes. If I'm lucky, hopefully my friends and I can just wrap our face like that (; lol!

Looking up all the information about the nurses made me really excited. I hope we go through with this! Whee.

Answers to Questions

I really got inspired by how Fei answers questions and comments so personally. It's so sweet and down-to-earth, so I decided to show my readers that I'm not ignoring them! haha. So here are some questions I felt that I should answer.

that's so pretty omg I wanna try that! how did you draw such a perfect french tip line? and what kind of glitter did you use, from where?

- incandescent

Honestly, I usually don't do French tip smile lines because it's too much of a hassle, but this time I just used the brush and put it a little bit at a time. I hope that makes sense, but that's why some nails' smile line looks straighter than others. I got the glitter from eBay, from like a nail supply eBay-er; here's the link to their store.

I bought an acrylic kit a few months back. Man, it takes a lot of patience. I ended up returning it because it wasn't as easy to work with or as great quality as pro stuff probably is.

Very cute version! Where do you buy your tips?

- fei

It was taking FOREVER to finish my nails.. my back hurt so much once I was done! I'm probably not going to do these for a while, lol. And I got my tips at the same store as my glitter; here.

we clearly need to start a car club...i have the M3 and 335...we some chick with a 6 series and 7 series...and i think we would all beee soooooooooooooooooooooo damn bad ass!!!...i love the smoked out lights...shiut is hot woman ...you have great taste!

- xpinkx

Omg. M3?? I'm so jealous! haha. I wanted one but my dad said I didn't need 335 horsepower ): He almost didn't buy me the 530i instead of the 525i because of the horsepower difference, lol. He knows NOTHING! But that's sweet. We should have a BMW club, lol! Thanks, about the smoked out lights. I've ALWAYS loved how they looked, but I didn't want to spend hundreds and get it done professionally. I just got vinyl overlays for like $80 bucks online, and spent 3 hours putting them on lol! I've always liked black on black cars with smoked out lights and tinted windows, and black rims. Sexxxy.

Those nails on your previous entry looks really nice, where you got them?

- Ms. _______ 2 be!

Thanks! I got them from the RiteAid that I go to. I found them in the nail/acrylic aisle.

that cover and your nails are really cute! why did you take them off? they look really pretty!

- Lily

I took them off because the glue didn't spread evenly under the nail, so it looked really patchy. It didn't show up on camera (thank god!), but it looked really weird in person.

how do you like the korres lip balm thing? i've debated getting it but wasn't sure on the quality, i know they have a guava too and that one smells incredible! :D

- Sooji

I really like the Korres Lip Balm. I got it simply because it's a sheer tint, since I'm not much of a lipstick/lipgloss kind of girl. I really like it, but I have to wear it with my Rosebud Salve or chapstick. It smells really good too! I haven't tried the Guava yet, but it sounds like it would smell yummy (:

hey! i love your looks, theyre so pretty! anyways, been browsing around and noticed ur cute bird necklace.. just wondering where u got it =) thanks!

- Patricia

Thanks! I love that necklace, but it's made of cheap metal.. the boyfriend said it started to make my neck taste like metal! lol. So I barely wear it anymore ): Well anywho, I bought it at Urban Outfitters; you can find it here. I got it on sale for $16 from $18 because of a discount code I found at RetailMeNot.com.

did you end up getting the hellokitty tattoo? what kind of camera do you use btw?

- lala

No, sadly, I didn't end up getting my tattoo yet. More about that down there. About my camera, I'm not even sure since it's like 3 years old (from my senior year, before prom). But it's a Sony Cybershot with 5.0 megapixels. I really want a new camera, though ):


I'm sure there are more, but I'm too lazy to search through more of my posts for the comments haha. Leave any questions, and hopefully I'll be answering questions more!


Oh yeah, A tattoo update -- I thought my tattoo appointment for my Hello Kitty was on Thursday night at 10pm, but it was actually Wednesday night! Ugh. So I just got my cherry blossoms and my mom's name touched up and added to. It looks really good because Sean added some black to my branches to weigh it down more. It looks gorgeous. I love it. But anyways, I made another appointment for this Wednesday at 11am, so I can get them before I go in for work. The boyfriend is also getting his that day (a b&w sparrow holding a "mother" banner), I'm excited for him. I'll have pictures for sure!

I hope you all have a good weekend!

24 July 2008

My Awesome JieJie, and a Nail Tutorial

Thanks for all of your comments! They really keep me going (: There are a few questions that are being asked more than a couple times, so I'll dedicate a post just to answering questions soon. However, for tonight, I got a present from Lady L (my jie jie!), and I did my nails, so there's a shitty tutorial that comes with it, lol!


I got home from work today and found this package on my bed. L made it so pretty (:

She even sent a Thank You card! (:

We swapped, and she gave me her MAC Beige-ing shadestick (we all know I love these things!)

She's the best jie jie that I never had! haha. I can't wait until she has the opportunity to come visit Cali so we can meet (:


Anywho. I got inspired by L's gold glitter nail post a few months ago, so I decided to do this. Mind you, it's my first time ever to really use acrylic by myself on my nails. It took effing 3 and a half hours to finish doing my nails today (that's a record!), and the results are... okay, haha. Well, have fun reading!

Start with different nail sizes.

Find the right size for each nail.

And cut them down to size (it doesn't have to be perfect)

Apply glue to the tip and press down on the nail

& for the rest of the nails

File down and shape with a nail file. I filed it square shaped with sort of rounded edges.

Paint on a french tip using whatever color you desire. I used a teal blue from Sephora.

Dip the tip into glitter before the polish dries so it sticks.

(I didn't take a picture, but you should put a clear coat over the glitter so it stays)

Then, I took an acrylic kit I got from RiteAid, and filled in the rest of my nails. Mind you, it was my first time really doing this, so it took like 2 hours lol! And the results weren't the best ): haha

After I filled in the nail, it looked like this.

I cleaned up the edges with a nail file, and a buffer block.. then put a clear coat on top, and voila!

My right hand.. lol. It looks soo bad! But I blame my unsteady left hand, haha. And the rogue polish on my middle finger nail is because I didn't realize there was a smudge on it before I glued on the tip, haha! So, yeah..

I'm so proud of my left hand though! It's pretty enough for my first try. It doesn't look as good as it could because I don't have one of those power sander nail file things; I'm totally picking one up before I attempt this again!

I hope this inspired you or you simply enjoyed this. Have a good Thursday! I asked for the day off of work, and I'm hitting up the mall with the Bestie and getting my tattoos (and so is the boyfriend!). I'm so excited! I'll have pictures for sure.

22 July 2008


Hey girls.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but last week kinda sucked. The boyfriend and I were having some problems that remained unresolved because he had to work a TKD tourney in Anaheim all week and weekend. And his schedule was so crazy that I could only get a "goodnight" call at 4am. He was busy running around, doing stuff for the masters, and wouldn't even be able to take a break and call me. *sigh* I was having a pretty hard time.. but only because I was so used to spending almost 24/7 with him. To add insult to injury, I was on my period! I get super sensitive and emotional when I'm on my period.. so I was a complete mess!

I tried to fill my days with hanging out with my bestie, Drea, but some things just don't work out, especially since she has a boyfriend and family of her own.

Anywho. I'm still working on my review on Katie B cosmetics, and a liquid mineral makeup company, Illuminare sent me a box full of samples of their products, so I have yet to finish my review. I feel so unproductive, just writing about my hauls! haha.

Well, I probably won't post again today; my brother wants to go watch Dark Knight with the boyfriend and me (YES, I haven't seen it yet! haha. I can't wait!). So, since my car has to be home by 10pm, I might just sleep over at the boyfriend's tonight, hehe. I hope we can get some sleep (: We always end up not sleeping until 3 or 4. Ugh! I just love waking up next to him (x

This was a bit longer than I had intended, but I just wanted to update you on why I haven't been updating.

Bye, girls!

P.S. This is my post on the Swapper Blog. I'm more interested in selling my stuff than swapping, really. So take a look, and email me at mzxjosephine@yahoo.com to contact me about anything you're interested in. It's a more effective way of going back and forth than commenting. I actually have a bunch of makeup I have stashed at my mom's house, so I'll probably be posting a lot more stuff in the next week. I'll let you know! Thanks!

P.P.S. Was anyone else watching MTV's show, Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods?? I've been watching since week one, and OMG I'm soo happy that Bailey won! She's such a cutey, and has so much potential! I soo want to go see her perform on Broadway. Did you watch??

17 July 2008

Quick EOTD and Drugstore Haul

I picked up some stuff at RiteAid yesterday. My RiteAid store that I go to completely reorganized their beauty products section, it made me excited (: haha. I saw they had (a few) Jessie's Girl products, so I decided to try one out.

Pretty cover, right?

The colors were a bit disappointing, but maybe it was because I didn't have a base. The colors are basic colors for a smokey eye.. I may try putting one together in the coming week; I want to give this drugstore product the benefit of the doubt.

I wanted to try the HIP Pigment Shadow Sticks. Somehow, I thought it would be like the MAC Shadesticks, but.. they're really cool. I think I might try actually using them too, haha.

Swatches. Dry and Wet.

I got this because my other face wash ran out. I wanted something with a little scrubbing action, and this is the only thing that I could find that would seem okay. I've used it twice already, and I like it (: I'm just not sure about the "acne control."

I saw these three lip products.. they interested me. It's a Neutrogena tinted lip moisturizer, a lipgloss, and Covergirl WetSlicks Amazemint lipgloss.


In the end, I found that the tinted lip moisturizer's pink was a little too blue-pink for my skin tone. I got sad. The sparkly lip gloss is a bit not enough sparkly. And the CG lipgloss is a really sheer pink. I like it so far.

I found these in the nail section.. and got intrigued.

Here's the end product after a back-breaking hour, lol. I had to file them down a lot so it would fit my nail bed.. and the color was weird with the glue underneath, so I had to paint Essie's Mademoiselle over it to even out the color. It's really cute, but I ended up taking it off last night, after one day.


& here's the EOTD. I just have to say.. that I LOVE MAC'S SHADESTICKS. I'm totally in love (:

What I used--
MAC Bare Study p/p
MAC Lucky Jade shadestick
MAC Green Olive pressed pigment (inner 1/2)
Smashbox Serpent (outer 1/2)
MAC Deep Blue Green pressed pigment (crease)
Stila Kitten e/s (highlight)
MAC Smolder eye kohl (even though it's really smudged in the picture) on waterline and top lashline
Katie B Fauxlash mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil
Anastasia clear brow gel

14 July 2008

Obama is my new love

So, I haven't really been keeping up with the Presidential campaign this year, but after reading about an article that Perez Hilton linked, I decided to read up on our two candidates this year.

I've only gotten in-depth with Barack Obama, and I've got to say, I'm in love. I've read a few articles about McCain, and... no likey. Seriously. And plus, I'm a Democrat (:

I was reading about Obama on Wiki -- I zoomed through his childhood, education, and early career.. What I was really looking forward to reading is about his policies, and what he believes in. I did this because his policies will decide the election. I'll write more about his policies later.. I'm too political-stuffed out.. haha.

Mmm (: also, it's SO much more appealing to have a 45-year-old president instead of a 70-something adulterer! Right??

(I'm sure that we all have different beliefs, but these are mine. You are welcome to disagree, but just don't say anything negative. Thanks!)

Btw--I'm editing pictures for my brow tutorial. It's taking effing forever because there are like, a million pictures! But one bad thing is that I totally effed my eyebrows because I cut it WAY too short when I was trimming (it was my first time doing this! ):). Despite this, I'll post it up.. "/

13 July 2008

Sonic Chic, Tattoo Update, Incubus, & FOTD

My friend Vivian got a tattoo Friday night.. it's so awesome. It's a tiger lily, and it looks soo amazing. Viv was a trooper (with the help of two happy pills) (; haha. She went to go see my artist Sean at Monkeys to Go.

I made an appointment with Sean on the 23rd for my next one. I'm soo excited. My mom wants me to stop getting anymore, but I'm totally addicted. I'm not going to stop until I'm satisfied, haha "/

I want to eventually get--
- Hello Kitty behind my ear
- A flying (realistic) sparrow on my back (or somewhere else that's fit)
- A dia de los muertos skull, but not sure where
- Paw print for my fallen Fluffy, on ankle, inner bicep, or maybe behind my other ear.
- And I want something on my hand/wrist

I love ink. And I love that gritting your teeth through the pain makes it ultimately totally worth it once it's healed. It's art. Period (:

I'm getting the Hello Kitty next Wednesday, the 23rd. I can't wait. I've been wanting a Hello Kitty, but was never sure where to put it. But I think I'm going to have to get some professional makeup to cover it up soon after. Since it's in such an obvious place, I'll have to hide it if I have a family function or something. Ugh >< I hate having such an uptight asshole dad. I actually showed my stepmom my tattoo this week, and she loved it. I got so lucky that I have a chill stepmom (:

Any road.
Here's a FOTD from Friday. I wanted to play around with my new plum dressing e/s.. and I love it! hehe. I did another look today, but when I took pictures, I forgot I didn't have a memory card in there.. so it was stored on the internal memory, and I don't have my cable! I just have a card reader. Boo. So, here's Friday's.

(Btw, don't mind my eyebrows. They're insanely disgusting, but I'm growing them out so I can do my brow tutorial finally. I'm planning for tomorrow night (: So watch out for it!)

What I used--

Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation in Medium
MAC Fix +
MAC Moisturecover in NW20
MAC Sincere blush
MAC Nuance mineralized blush

MAC Bare Study p/p
MAC Aquadisiac e/s
MAC Plum Dressing e/s
MAC Shimmermoss e/s
MAC Cool Heat e/s
MAC Blue Flame e/s
MAC Nylon e/s
MAC Smolder eye kohl
Clinique Lash Primer
Katie B Fauxlash mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil


The only thing I picked up from MAC's newest collection is their Mineralized Blush in Nuance.

I love it so far! I can either wear it alone or layer it over Sincere. It's the perfect peach-y pink tone. I'm in love (:


Btw. I totally just downloaded Incubus' new live DVD, Live Alive. Omigod. Brandon Boyd makes me continuously cream my panties >_< haha. Totally hot guys that are totally talented just make me totally melt. I would so love to have his babies. Jeez, haha. Am I the only one that feels this way?!

Well, I just really want to see him live in concert. So sad. I'm waiting for them to come back to So Cal ): Sadness.

Oh. Don't forget. This Thursday night at 10, on VH1, it's Rock Honors! The lineup is CRAZY this year. The Who, The flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Tenacious D, and Pearl Jam! (: I'm totally TiVo-ing this. Are you watching??

09 July 2008

Another Haul >< haha

As you know, I got my 88 Shadow Palette from Coastal Scents a few days ago. And just like Lurve, it stresses me out when things have fingerprints and get dirty. So I covered the top (: It's pretty!! Of course, I used Hello Kitty wrapping paper (: then I covered it with the plastic sheet that the palette comes with, in order to protect it.

**Click to enlarge the pictures!**

Then I went ahead and labeled it (sorta like Lurve too). But I have lettered columns and numbered rows. It looks much neater, and it's easier to find the colors.

Oops. There's a little scribble ): haha


Oh! And I went to South Coast Plaza with the boyfriend again today. I went to go return my beautiful Jimmy Choo Heron Black Satin Slingbacks ($630!) because their sizes run too small, and it's way too uncomfortable "/ But anywho. The MAC store there carries PRO products (yay!), so I went to pick some stuff up.

Eye Kohl in Smolder (I love this stuff!), Sea Me shadestick, Lucky Jade shadestick, and Aquadisiac e/s, Nylon e/s, and Plum Dressing e/s (they were all out of Hepcat ):).

For $17, you'd think that you get more product! *sigh. I just hope that it's worth the price..

Lucky Jade, Sea Me, Nylon, Aquadisiac, Plum Dressing, and underneath is Aquadisiac over Sea Me shadestick.

Different angle


And now, today's FOTD, or more so an EOTD. The blending didn't come out as well as I wanted it to because my paint pot completely dried before I could apply the e/s. Lame.

(BTW. There's a difference between the first picture and the second of the EOTD. I tried the Eye Kohl in Smolder on the waterline and tightline.. to see how it looks. It looks GREAT! And I'm waiting to see if it smudges before I go to bed. I'll let you know more as the night wears on.)

What I used--

MAC Bare Study p/p
Stila Wheat e/s all over
Stila Kitten e/s for highlight
Yellow e/s (A-2 and B-2) on inner 1/2
Blue e/s (E-6) on outer 1/2
Green e/s (H-3) on crease
MAC Spiked Brow Pencil
Clinique Lash Primer (review on this soon. I like it so far!)
Katie B Fauxlash
Katie B Powderliner & MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder


I received my order from She Space finally! I think my order got lost in the mail weeks ago, so they shipped it out again after more than 3 weeks. But anywho, I haven't really gotten the chance to use them yet, but from what I can see, they're gorgeous. I totally blanked out when I was taking pictures and take any swatches, but I will if anyone wants me to. Just leave a comment asking (: Thanks!

Top--Take the Cake, Valley Girl, Follow the Sun, Wasted Space, Next Stop Oz, Moral Enemy, Electric Lust, and Fat Too Fabulous.
Bottom--Lying Mirrors, No Scruples, Can't Hide From Karma, Kiss the Frogs, Heart of Stone, One Dark Knight, Touched by Truth, and Stolen Soul.

And I always find that I like using loose eyeshadows from pots instead of those stinky sample baggies. I like to see how much product I have (: and it's a lot easier. I didn't want to use up my 5g jars, so I used the rest of my 3g ones. BUT! I only had 8, sucky. So I had to choose 8 colors that I'd most likely use.

It fits nicely in my extra pigment drawer. heehee (:

I hope you all had a good Wednesday! The New View collection from MAC comes out tomorrow! I've made my appointment with my MUA at the MAC counter in Nordy's tomorrow at 2. I'm excited for the Mineralized Skinfinishes(?). They look so preetty. I'll write again tomorrow!

Goodnight! <3>