30 June 2008

My First (Official) Review & More to Come!

I've decided that I'm going to start doing reviews (: Because I think that FOTD's can get a bit repetitive, and I want a more variety of stuff for people to read. I got a request for a review about Katie B Cosmetics. That will take a few days because I have a few products (some mineral shadows, liquid mineral foundation, eyeliner, cakeliner, mascara, and eyelashes), but I think it's a really good idea. I've gotten my face done twice by her already, and I bought extensions from her also.. and pretty much, I love her (: She's really down to earth, despite her continuing success (as Vanessa can confim [;).

Another reason why I think I'll start writing reviews again is the fact that I have a HUGE box of products I've used in the past (and either didn't like or moved on to something better).. so I have a lot to write about already (: haha.

Well, I'm going to start off with Imju Fiberwig. (Sorry, I didn't take any pictures because I started playing around with my 78 color palette tonight, and it came out a HOT MESS, lol)

Product: 2 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5
Price: $22, Sephora
Would I buy it again? No.

What they say:
Engineered to create the perfect lashes with twice the amount of micro-fine interconnecting fibers, the instant drying formula creates a long lasting film coat around your natural lashes. Fiberwig imparts a perfect, smudge-proof maximum lash extension effect with a water-resistant formula that's easy to remove with warm water, without risking damaging or losing your natural lashes.

I've heard SO MUCH about this mascara, and I wanted to try it out. So I went down to my trust Sephora at the Brea Mall, and picked one up. I've had it for a good while, and I never use it.. but it's for a good reason. I curled my lashes like I usually do with my Shu curler, and usually, the curl holds up pretty well after I put my mascara on. What I found with Fiberwig is that the little fibers did latch onto my lashes, but it killed the curl. My lashes fell down to it's natural state: straight and poking out. I was pretty disappointed. Although I noticed a good amount of lengthening, it just killed it that my curl didn't hold! I tried curling it after it all dried, but somehow, the shape came out really weird. It lifted the lashes, but the usual curl my lashes has didn't come. It looked all pokey and stuff. Ugh. But one day I tried something new; I put on my HG mascara (Katie B's Faux Lash) and layered some Fiberwig on the tips. I got a pretty good result, because the fibers latched onto my already mascara covered lashes, and made them longer. However, it only added length, not volume.

Pros: It lengthens to boot. And the packaging it comes in is really cute. I also like the red color.. it's something different from the usual black tube (:

Cons: It only lengthens. It doesn't hold a curl. I have to be really careful because I'm a contact lens wearer. And it didn't even hold a curl when I curled it AFTER it dried.

Overall: I wouldn't buy it again. My eyelashes are a bit temperamental, so it may work out a bit better for others. But a good use is to get a little extra length on top of my usual mascara.


Photo credit--Sephora

19 June 2008

Quick FOTD

I went with the Bestie to the Whittier Farmer's Market thing tonight. It was pretty fun. I picked up 2 belts from the Melrose Vintage shop for $15. Pretty damn cute. But she took them ): lol Drea's borrowing them, haha. They have some pretty cool stuff.. like real Member's Only jackets from the '80s! haha.

This is my FOTD. I'm still tinkering with blues because of the Cool heat collection.. and I just like blues in general.

Here's what I used--
Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation in Medium
MAC Moisturecover in NW20
MAC Sincere blush
MAC Bone Beige/Emphasize Sculpt and Shape Duo

MAC Bare Canvas paint pot
Stila Kitten e/s as highlight
MAC Shimmermoss e/s on inner 1/3
MAC Cool Heat e/s (crease)
MAC Blue Flame e/s (crease)
MAC Deep Blue Green p/g (crease)
Stila Wheat e/s on tear duct
MAC Spiked brow pencil
MAC Wheat brow finisher
Lancome Artliner in Noir
Katie B Powderliner
Katie B Faux Lash mascara

Ew. Smudge.

& some pictures of Drea and I--
Mustaches.. heehee.


Uh-oh! She caught me eating my kettle corn like a fatty. Haha.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Wednesday. Now on to Thursday!

P.S. Plee-- About my lashes. My double eyelids were acting up that day, so the fold was a lot smaller. My eye lashes look really weird and wire-y when my eyes get like that. From the front view, my lashes look like they're sticking straight up, but in reality, I curl them like I usually do. They're just so long that they would hit my eyelid. Iduno. They're just weird. Not to be bitchy, but fyi (: haha but thanks for pointing it out.

12 June 2008

My First Video

I decided to make my first video for YouTube of me putting my makeup on..... but I failed. Horribly. My first video was wayy too long, and I talked too much so I had to just put music over it. And my second one (today) somehow won't publish. I don't understand what's wrong with it.. it'll go about half-way through, then it'll restart the whole program. Lame.

Well, until I figure it out, here are pictures.

What I used--
MAC Moisturecover in NW 20
Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Foundation in Medium
Cargo Bronzer in Coral Beach

MAC Bare Study Paint
MAC Bare Canvas Paint Pot
MAC Shimmermoss e/s
MAC Submarine e/s
MAC Deep Blue Green pigment
Stila Kitten e/s
Stila Wheat e/s
Too Faced Starry-Eyed glitter liner
Katie B Faux Lash Mascara
Katie B Powderliner & black shadow
MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering
MAC Brow Finisher in Wheat

Oh yeah. I ordered samples from She Space on May 22nd and they're not here yet! I'm pretty disappointed. I saw on their website that they were out of their offices until the end of that week, I think until the 29th of May, but that doesn't explain why it's taken this long for it to get here. I'm pretty peeved. I emailed them tonight asking about the status; whether they sent it yet or not. I hope they write back soon.. I was really excited when I ordered them.

Cool Heat--
I'm really excited about this collection. I'm such a sucker for blues.. it's horrible. I really have my eye on Blue Flame, Cool Heat, and Gulf Stream e/s. The swatches I've seen on Christine and Vanessa's blogs look so pretty! And plus! MAC is having a friends and family sale! Have you gotten the email? Print out the coupon, and get 15% off your purchase until the 16th. If you don't want to run out to the store, you can get 15% off on their online store on the 16th, with free shipping! The offer code will be sent out on Monday. I'm not sure whether I'm going to stop by the store or order online because I want those three eyeshadows and maybe a blush. I don't have a real blush.. like from MAC. I have Bare Escentuals, NARS, and Cargo blushes, but I don't really really really like either of them.

Update on my videos--
My brother just gave me Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (: So I'm going to be tinkering all night. Hopefully by the end of the night, I'll have a video up! hehe.

Happy Friday!


Sorry, no post today. I have a final tomorrow morning at 7am!! What the heck?! Jeez.

Well, I'll write probably tomorrow or the day after because I'm going to be SO TIRED, haha.

(: byebye

10 June 2008

Monday Haul!

I took a trip down to South Coast Plaza with the boyfriend to pick up my Gucci purse I bought at their pre-sale a couple weeks ago. So I also decided to visit the MAC store there that carries PRO products, whee! Then on the way to my mom's house to drop off her purse, I went to my first ULTA store! heehee.

I got the Shimmermoss eyeshadow refill and Tendertone in Sweet Tooth. Shimmermoss is such a pretty blue/teal color.. I'm such a sucker for blues ): And I LOVE Sweet Tooth! I'm not much of a bold lip color user, and this sheer pink tint is perfect. It's a bit sticky, but when I pair it with my Rosebud Salve, it comes out pretty perfect since I don't have to pack on the Tendertone.

This is what I picked up at Ulta. I finally found some NYX products without having to order it online. I saw Vanessa swatched Pink Nude and I wanted to get it. I got an eye crayon in Lemon (green), and a green eyeshadow trio. Oh, and I LOVE OPI nail polishes (: and they were having a buy-two-get-one-free sale! I've been wanting Essie's Mademoiselle nail polish for a long time, hehe.

The green eyeshadow trio swatch, Lemon, and Pink Nude

Pink Nude by itself

& with Sweet Tooth tendertone over it. I really like this combination.

These are the nail polish colors I got. Essie's Mademoiselle (l), OPI's Sea Ya Later, Sailor, and OPI's Black Onyx

Mademoiselle is such a gorgeous summer-y color. It's sheer and really chic. I love it. Hey There Sailor is a really pretty and sheer sparkly blue. It can be a top coat, or layered on like I did in this picture. I think it's pretty cute for a summer color. And I love black nail polish! I got obsessed around Halloween last year because my outfit was black, and wanted to try black nail polish for the first time.. I got hooked!

I gave myself a (sorta) manicure last night. I love this color. It's so pigmented! Only two coats were needed.

(: Anywho.

Like I said, I picked up my Gucci purse, and I love it! hehe. I can't seem to find/remember what it's called or how much it originally cost (I got it pre-sale for $299), but here are pictures.

The bag

It's so cute!! I love it (:

Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

07 June 2008

My Skin Regime

Listening to: The (NEW!) Offspring -- Hammerhead, and Death Cab For Cutie's new CD. I like (:


People keep asking me about my skin regime, because they think I have really nice skin *blush* haha

Personally, I don't think I have nice skin, but.. in reality, I've been pretty blessed and fortunate to not inherit any skin conditions (like eczema or rosacea) or acne (:

I didn't really take care of my skin for the longest time.. I neglected my skin because I never broke out and all that stuff.

All through high school, I actually never wore any foundation! Shocker. I only threw on some bronzer, eyeliner, and mascara everyday before school. I guess I fully took advantage of how great my skin used to be (albeit it was unknowingly, haha). Also, I was really inconsistent with washing my face, using toner, and moisturizing. In later years, my skin started getting blackheads, whiteheads, and occasional hormonal pimples. It also started to dry out a lot whenever my face got wet or anything.

Fast forward like 3 years and probably more than 15 different face products, this is what I do every night. I don't do it in the morning because I'm always in a rush ): But the one thing I do do is put on my moisturizer! haha okay, moving on.

1. I remove my makeup using Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser. It contains mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, ceresin, and beta carotene. My "big sis" gave me this product because she had an extra, and I love it! I used to use Ponds' Cold Cream, but it sometimes left some remnants of my Faux Lash mascara on my lashes.. only to find them under my eyes in the morning! Lame. So, Abolene magically seems to "melt" the makeup off my face. Literally, it feels like that, haha. And plus, if I'm too lazy to fully wash my face, I just use Abolene, and face doesn't dry out!

2. I wash my face with Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser/mask. I love this stuff. It doesn't work magic, because I have found from experience that it's a let down to really expect much from a face wash. But, it's a really nice daily cleanser. My skin looks and feels really clean after I use it everyday, and it contains little tiny beads for a gentle exfoliation. And plus, it doubles as a deep cleaning mask! haha. All in all, I love this face wash. I'm almost done with my bottle, and that's a first! hehe. I usually just move onto another product I think will work.. hee.

2.5 Exfoliate! I try to do this at least once a week because it really affects my makeup application. I bought Origin's Modern Friction, and I freaking love this stuff! It's a little abrasive, and my face turns a little pink after I use it, but it works wonders. It leaves my skin bright, clean, soft, and glowy.

3. I don't usually use toner, although I know I should. However, whenever I'm at my mom's house, I use hers, haha. She uses Proactive's. Somehow, I always felt that toner doesn't really do much. But when I do use it, it seems to take some stuff off that was resting on my skin that washing with my face wash doesn't.

4. Moisturize! I started using Eucerin's Redness Relief moisturizer probably 3 months ago. I've got to say--I love the stuff. It has a slight sunscreen-y smell, but that's because it has SPF 15.. I don't mind (: Well, I use this because I have a little redness around my cheeks; I don't even know why I have it, but it's there. Annoying. It works a bit, but doesn't completely get rid of the redness. Albeit, it has reduced. Also, it's hard for me to find a moisturizer heavy enough because I have really weird super dry/oily t-zone combination skin. Surprisingly, it's not too heavy while at the same time providing enough moisture for me to last the whole day.

Well, I hope that people found this interesting, or helped someone!
Have a good weekend, everyone! <3

03 June 2008

Tuesday FOTD & a small haul

Currently listening to: Pennywise - Bro Hymn (: heehee

Happy Tuesday!

My outfit was a bit neutral today, so I decided to do a pop of color. I did a teal and brown sort of look for school, and later when I went out, I put on something more bold.

What I used--
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC Teal Pigment
Stila's Golightly e/s
Katie B's Powderliner

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ash Brown
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel

Face-- (as always)
MAC Moisturecover in NW 20
Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Foundation in Medium
BE Bare Radiance
NARS Orgasm blush

(The makeup may be a bit icky because I stupidly took the pictures after school)

& This is my evening look--

What I had on before, but I packed on top of that
more MAC Teal Pigment
MAC Deep Blue Green Pigment on outer corner and crease

That's all (:

These pictures are creased. Lame.

& When I went out tonight, I went to go hang out with my bestie from high school for the first time in a month or two. It's always fun seeing her. Too bad we were too busy catching up to camera whore )" This was us back in our old days!

(Yes, I had uber short hair, lol)

Well, we hit up Sephora like we do every time we go to the Brea Mall. I picked up two things from Sephora.

I got the Urban Decay Ammo Palette (all because of Lady L!)

The colors are all surprisingly pigmented and have a silky texture. They are really nice compared to the other UD eyeshadows I've gotten before. Though, Oil Slick is a bit of a disappointment.. I had to really pack it on even though it's just a swatch. All of the other shadows are reaally pretty and shimmery. Maybe I'll do a look with this palette tomorrow.

& Stila's Kitten Silk Shimmer Gloss (because of Karen's review)

Grr lips! & a closeup of my crooked teef ):

I'm not much of a lip gloss user because my lips dry out and peel really easily, but I really like this lip gloss. It's not sticky; it almost feels like I'm just wearing my Rosebud Salve. My lips are already very pigmented, so I'm picky with the colors of lip glosses I wear, but I really like Kitten. I just love anything Kitten from Stila! hehe

I stopped by the MAC store because I've depotted more than 6 eyeshadows already. So, I brought in 6 empty ones and traded it in for a new eyeshadow (I didn't get a lipstick or lip gloss because I don't use them much "/). I picked up Mulch, because I wanted something really versatile and something I can use a lot during the summer. I really like it so far.

(The swatch is in the picture with the UD swatches)

I gave myself a late-night procrastination manicure last night, lol. Well, not a real manicure, but I took off my chipped teal blue/black polish and coated my nails with a sheer and shimmery color for summer (kinda like Kitten!). But don't mind my pinkie nail.. I tried on the new Orgasm nail polish while I was at Sephora.. and I really liked the color. Really pretty. I think I'll pick one up next time I go (:

Also, ichigobunnie requested for me to post the ingredients that are in Katie B's Faux Lash mascara. I took pictures--

But if it's not clear enough, it says "100% Natural Ingredients: Marney seed oil, bee wax, isoparafins, castor oil, anhydriede tanoline, black iron oxide tenox, proplyparaben"

Gosh, my entries always turn into such a long thing when I don't intend for them to! haha.
K. Ta-ta for now, ladies!