17 July 2008

Quick EOTD and Drugstore Haul

I picked up some stuff at RiteAid yesterday. My RiteAid store that I go to completely reorganized their beauty products section, it made me excited (: haha. I saw they had (a few) Jessie's Girl products, so I decided to try one out.

Pretty cover, right?

The colors were a bit disappointing, but maybe it was because I didn't have a base. The colors are basic colors for a smokey eye.. I may try putting one together in the coming week; I want to give this drugstore product the benefit of the doubt.

I wanted to try the HIP Pigment Shadow Sticks. Somehow, I thought it would be like the MAC Shadesticks, but.. they're really cool. I think I might try actually using them too, haha.

Swatches. Dry and Wet.

I got this because my other face wash ran out. I wanted something with a little scrubbing action, and this is the only thing that I could find that would seem okay. I've used it twice already, and I like it (: I'm just not sure about the "acne control."

I saw these three lip products.. they interested me. It's a Neutrogena tinted lip moisturizer, a lipgloss, and Covergirl WetSlicks Amazemint lipgloss.


In the end, I found that the tinted lip moisturizer's pink was a little too blue-pink for my skin tone. I got sad. The sparkly lip gloss is a bit not enough sparkly. And the CG lipgloss is a really sheer pink. I like it so far.

I found these in the nail section.. and got intrigued.

Here's the end product after a back-breaking hour, lol. I had to file them down a lot so it would fit my nail bed.. and the color was weird with the glue underneath, so I had to paint Essie's Mademoiselle over it to even out the color. It's really cute, but I ended up taking it off last night, after one day.


& here's the EOTD. I just have to say.. that I LOVE MAC'S SHADESTICKS. I'm totally in love (:

What I used--
MAC Bare Study p/p
MAC Lucky Jade shadestick
MAC Green Olive pressed pigment (inner 1/2)
Smashbox Serpent (outer 1/2)
MAC Deep Blue Green pressed pigment (crease)
Stila Kitten e/s (highlight)
MAC Smolder eye kohl (even though it's really smudged in the picture) on waterline and top lashline
Katie B Fauxlash mascara
MAC Spiked brow pencil
Anastasia clear brow gel


xoxo Jaimie said...

I love your fotd, its so pretty!

Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

i like this green on you!!!

i saw those palettes at riteaid too and i was going to get them but i said no... cuz i already have soo much makeup in my room :(

Lily said...

that cover and your nails are really cute! why did you take them off? they look really pretty!

Anonymous said...

whoa that first palette is jesse's girl? I never would've guessed, usually their packaging is pretty crappy. but that one is pretty, although it sucks the shadows aren't too great :(

I was scrolling down and saw some pictures, and you look a bit like my cousin lol...

L said...

mei mei, this color is soooo gorgeous on u. and ur right, the lucky jade shadestick is lookin' pretty niceeee!

i'm glad that i'm helping you add to the collection! lol

sooooo cuteeee!

Yinmei said...

your eyes so fierce, you should do a tutorial on them. Sorry i have not introduced myself, i'm Yinmei and i've been browsing beuaty blogs lately and i've seen a lot of your FOTD's, i would love to learn some of your techniques.

xppinkx said...

Those are super cute...the nails

they dont even look like press on nails!...i am debating on getting acrylic cuz i just chopped off my real nails...hmm maybe i'll check on those press on ones...

kawaiikao said...

ooh the green eye look is gorgeous on you! and i saw those at rite-aid too but hrm...maybe i won't get them now although they look really cute :p thanks for the heads up!

and i really love this song too!

kawaiikao said...

p.s. i meant the foo fighters song lol :p

sooji said...

oh i love how you do your makeup really.. i attempted to copy your method... but i failed horribly :( if you're not busy one day, could you possibly do a tutorial??

i love your green and blue looks!!! ahhh you make me want shadesticks now!

(g)ezebel said...

i looooove green shadows on our asian skin. it's such a great complement to brown eyes, i think.

Anonymous said...

your nails remind me of how my iphone cover used to be =(