09 July 2008

Another Haul >< haha

As you know, I got my 88 Shadow Palette from Coastal Scents a few days ago. And just like Lurve, it stresses me out when things have fingerprints and get dirty. So I covered the top (: It's pretty!! Of course, I used Hello Kitty wrapping paper (: then I covered it with the plastic sheet that the palette comes with, in order to protect it.

**Click to enlarge the pictures!**

Then I went ahead and labeled it (sorta like Lurve too). But I have lettered columns and numbered rows. It looks much neater, and it's easier to find the colors.

Oops. There's a little scribble ): haha


Oh! And I went to South Coast Plaza with the boyfriend again today. I went to go return my beautiful Jimmy Choo Heron Black Satin Slingbacks ($630!) because their sizes run too small, and it's way too uncomfortable "/ But anywho. The MAC store there carries PRO products (yay!), so I went to pick some stuff up.

Eye Kohl in Smolder (I love this stuff!), Sea Me shadestick, Lucky Jade shadestick, and Aquadisiac e/s, Nylon e/s, and Plum Dressing e/s (they were all out of Hepcat ):).

For $17, you'd think that you get more product! *sigh. I just hope that it's worth the price..

Lucky Jade, Sea Me, Nylon, Aquadisiac, Plum Dressing, and underneath is Aquadisiac over Sea Me shadestick.

Different angle


And now, today's FOTD, or more so an EOTD. The blending didn't come out as well as I wanted it to because my paint pot completely dried before I could apply the e/s. Lame.

(BTW. There's a difference between the first picture and the second of the EOTD. I tried the Eye Kohl in Smolder on the waterline and tightline.. to see how it looks. It looks GREAT! And I'm waiting to see if it smudges before I go to bed. I'll let you know more as the night wears on.)

What I used--

MAC Bare Study p/p
Stila Wheat e/s all over
Stila Kitten e/s for highlight
Yellow e/s (A-2 and B-2) on inner 1/2
Blue e/s (E-6) on outer 1/2
Green e/s (H-3) on crease
MAC Spiked Brow Pencil
Clinique Lash Primer (review on this soon. I like it so far!)
Katie B Fauxlash
Katie B Powderliner & MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder


I received my order from She Space finally! I think my order got lost in the mail weeks ago, so they shipped it out again after more than 3 weeks. But anywho, I haven't really gotten the chance to use them yet, but from what I can see, they're gorgeous. I totally blanked out when I was taking pictures and take any swatches, but I will if anyone wants me to. Just leave a comment asking (: Thanks!

Top--Take the Cake, Valley Girl, Follow the Sun, Wasted Space, Next Stop Oz, Moral Enemy, Electric Lust, and Fat Too Fabulous.
Bottom--Lying Mirrors, No Scruples, Can't Hide From Karma, Kiss the Frogs, Heart of Stone, One Dark Knight, Touched by Truth, and Stolen Soul.

And I always find that I like using loose eyeshadows from pots instead of those stinky sample baggies. I like to see how much product I have (: and it's a lot easier. I didn't want to use up my 5g jars, so I used the rest of my 3g ones. BUT! I only had 8, sucky. So I had to choose 8 colors that I'd most likely use.

It fits nicely in my extra pigment drawer. heehee (:

I hope you all had a good Wednesday! The New View collection from MAC comes out tomorrow! I've made my appointment with my MUA at the MAC counter in Nordy's tomorrow at 2. I'm excited for the Mineralized Skinfinishes(?). They look so preetty. I'll write again tomorrow!

Goodnight! <3>


xppinkx said...

hey chick

im super excited as well...*squeeeeeeeeeel*....you must wear something hot!!!

oh my gad i cant belive you have the time to label and make a cover for you 88 pallatte my is all broken missing some shadows...lol i think i should take after you and get all OCD on my makeup...you have quite a haul there miss!!!

L said...

gawd dawwwwg, what a nice haul. ms. joey! ur buildin' your makeup collection so fast! ;)

i understand what you mean about the paint pots drying out fast. i love those things tho. i'm having an affair with MAC and NYX... i love how both of them work!

nonetheless, your eyes look great (i think YOURS are a pretty shape).

fuzkittie said...

Woah, nice haul! That green shows up really well on your eyes! Looks awesome with your contacts too (you are wearing them, right?).

IchigoBunnie said...

oo the EOTD reminds me of some of those tropical margaritas with the umbrella ^_^ .

as for the MAC shadesticks, I haven't tried that nor the NYX Jumbo Pencils, but I've seen lotsa people use the NYX ($2 to $4 depending on the location u buy it from) it worked for them. I know Lurve doesn't like it cuz it creased a lot on her, but some other people didn't have that difficulty, so maybe you can give that a try since it's more bang for your buck :)

and the HelloKitty looks adorable!

miemiemie said...

pretty eyes :D

Lily said...

i hate their baggies too! it gets so messy to dip my brush into the bags.

Anonymous said...

dang wow you are so organized! the chart holy O_O I love the cover its so cute hello kitty heh

thank you for adding me, I'm going to add you too :)

Angie said...

lordy, u r super organized lol. how cute!! the shadesticks run out so fast for me! im almost out w/i like almost 2 months and i used one of them on the lower eyes. great haul btw!

Mel said...

I'm still surprised that someone lives that close to me =P
I've been wanting to go to S.C for so long b/c of the Sephora and the MAC PRo there!
I can't wait for your reviews =P

Lisa said...

Hi there! I missed out on the CS 88, shucks. Hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog list. I'm awaiting the Anastasia stencils, can't wait to try them! And that's quite a haul you've got there =)

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Nicely organize.
Your eyes looks nice too!

(g)ezebel said...

woah - that is Super Haul!

i think i am the only one left on the planet that doesn't have that palette. *pouts*

(g)ezebel said...

woah - that is Super Haul!

i think i am the only one left on the planet that doesn't have that palette. *pouts*

The Kitty said...

i have Smolder and i LOVE it! it's perfect on the waterline :D before i discovered how well Smolder works on the waterline, i had recently bought Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Black but haven't even tried it yet because i've been using Smolder so much! :D

Fei said...

The shadesticks last foreverrrr... At least for me. I don't use it to cover my entire lid, just for lining, etc.