01 October 2008


(My cake and I at my party last year)

I'm finally 20, and out of my teens! (: heehee.

I'm spending the whole day with my brother, the bf, and a friend.. then we're off to Summit House in Fullerton for PRIME RIB! at 7. Then drinks at Commonwealth Lounge (it's our birthday spot (:). I'm excited. And and I'll update with pictures galore! haha. I have a few FOTD's coming your way.. I've just been too busy at work to upload anything.

Love you all! && Thanks for continuing to read my shiteous blog (:


xppinkx said...


Your not a teenager anymore...Sweet twenties are the best!!!...have a blast and get shit faced for me doll!

cant wait to see pics!

angie519 said...

Happy Birthday! Prime rib is the way to go to celebrate!

Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

happy birthday joey baby!!!!!!! one more year til you're really legal!

Oh and sweet looking cake!

Tomorrow's my turn. I didn't know your birthday was only a day before mine :)

Lily said...

you're only 20? you look so much older! well happy birthday!!!


HAPPY BURTDEYYY!!! Enjoy it miss, may all ur wishes come true! Make it big!

Vanessa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS! OMG I cannot believe you just turned 20! So young, I am almost 30 ugh! Enjoy your special day and I hope all yor bday wishes come true!

kae said...

happy birthday! hope you have a great day and get lots of money for makeup haulin' haah. great cake!

IchigoBunnie said...

happy birthday!

that cake you got looks so cute!!

L said...

my dearest mei mei, you look so happy!!!

happy funkalicious, fantabulous, free'from'tha'teens 20th birthday!!!! i wish i was there to celebrate with you... at least take you to dim sum or some shit?! lol

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo with a big cherry on top!!!!!


Cindyy825 said...

Hello there! I just stumbled on your page and thought it was very interesting! You have such pretty eyes, and your tattoos are freaking cute as hell. makes me want one now but i'm too chicken :) anyways, happy birthday and super cute cake!!

ainstein said...

happy birthday girlie! wow ur only 20?! gah i feel old hahaha. i remember when i turned 20 i felt so bummed cos im not a teen anymore so when ppl asked how old i am i tell them im twenteen hehe =P
hope u had a fab day!

ps. the cake looks so yummy but too pretty to eat haha

Beauty is Androgynous said...

hooorayyy birthday. dang girl barely 20? i'm pushin outa my 20's and goin into 21 within the next few months!!!!!
i wish i had money to go to vegas!!!!

best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

wow happy birthday! & congrats to making it out of the teen years haha jk

Nic Nic said...

happy birthday! 20 is such a nce age ;)

MakeupByRenRen said...

happy bday girl!