30 October 2008

Picture of the Week

Yay! It's back! haha. I promise I have some posts coming.. even though I haven't been hauling lately ): I can't spend money anymore.. *sigh


My half-sisters (Jasmine, 7 (L) and Joanna, 3 (R)) and I at my dad's Chinese New Year party back in Feb.

Makeup and hair courtesy of Katie B!


I absolutely loved my hair! Oh and the extensions are made by her too! She's soo amazing at what she does (:


Well, I have some Q&A to answer shortly, and I think that I have some FOTDs to dig up somewhere in my pictures folder, lol! I know I have stuff I haven't posted..


LadyJane said...

You look SO pretty in the pic. Love the hair and makeup :)

angie519 said...

You look gorgeous! I would have never known those were extensions. Your hair looks beautiful!

gloriafatboy said...

Wow... i absoultely LOVE the look katie b did on you!! the hair.. the makeup.. everything. And the outfit u wore to ur dad's party made everything look so STUNNING!! :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

u look gorgeous! i want extensions!

Katie said...

omg you look amazing!! I thought that was your real hair!! Katie B has such great stuff, have you tried her brow powder yet? It's so natural (not that you need to fill yours at all anyway!) Did she use her foundation on you or did you use your own? :)