07 October 2008

FOTD - Green & Gold

I tried out something different yesterday, and I like the shape that I ended up with. It seemed to change my whole eye shape (when I blinked! lol). I'm probably going to experiment more with this, instead of my usual crease shape.

I love how the shape looks! teehee.

What I used --

Face --
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in Blend
Dior Hydraction TM in #2
Dior Skinflash in #2
MAC Mineralize Blush in Nuance

Eyes --
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC Gold pigment
MAC Forest Green pigment
Stila Kitten e/s
Stila Wheat e/s
L'Oreal Telescopic liquid liner
Katie B Fauxlash Mascara
Anastasia Brow Pen

Lips --
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bellini


Vanessa M. said...

you are pretty-ful!

Gee said...

I like the gold lining on the bottom! Gorgeous!

I like the shape too. I think it gives more depth to your eyes :)

Beauty is Androgynous said...

Gorgeous!! I love this look on you!
Hey joey, are those your real eyes? lol u know your real eye color!?

Vanessa said...

you are so cute!

angie519 said...

That is a gorgeous look!

fuzkittie said...

I love the shape, but your eyes have a beautiful shape to begin with anyway! :]

L said...

one of my faves mei!!!! i fucking love this look on you. and again, you have a great eye shape too so i duno what the hell ur talkin about!!!

did you get my email? im gettin' all xcited again! LOL

ps. FUCK haters.

xppinkx said...

Hey babe

sorry to totally fuck your cbox!...pisses me off! that some one would actually bad mouth you!...you fucking gorgeous with big soft boobies...yummy ...some body wrote on my cbox "you look like a FcKing slut"...haters i tell you!!!

I HATE CBOXES...1ST OFF...it's sooo damn slow on the typing...easily it makes me sound like a FOB...who the fuck cares...they get the damn point...

anywho on to better shit...

i so wish i was in cali to go to universal AND knotts....

booo my fucking wooooooooo


mayaari said...

you have a gorgeous eye shape to begin with, but the e/s definitely gives you a different look. I like the way the green just peeks out at the edge of your eyes :)

elno said...

hello. first time commenting on your blog. i've been reading your blog time to time. you have super clean skin. and great choice of car!

IchigoBunnie said...

wow ur skin looks extra flawless and glowy in these photos! love the eotd too.

Jaimie said...

gorgeous joey! you have such pretty eyes and lips

Tina Marie Online said...

love the FOTD. you're so pretty :D

MakeupByRenRen said...

i love it!