24 September 2008


Hi Ladies.

I just want to thank you for all of your support on my last entry. There was literally a rush of comments left the night that I wrote it, and they weren't short comments, but basically essays. All of the advice was good, and I thank you so much for actually reading my long-ass rant, and giving me some sound advice. We haven't really sat down and talked about it yet, but things are good for now. He knows that we HAVE to talk about this kind of stuff, because we keep fighting about the same thing. He was actually saying that he would read the entry I wrote, but he says he's scared (: haha. He effing better be! But I'll let you guys know what happens after we talk.. and THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for your concerns and comments and "hugs" (: I really love you all.

Anyroad. I'm really really sick. I got sick over the weekend ): And it hasn't gotten any better. Well, my throat has stopped hurting EVERY time I swallow my spit.. but it's like a normal cold now. I think it might be turning into Bronchitis, since my doctor said I have chronic Bronchitis.. LAME! But I just hope that resting and shit will make me feel better. I don't think it helps that the bf and I are going out and running errands, though.. hah. Sex doesn't seem to be helping either, if you know what I mean.

I don't have much to update with.. but MAC's collections that come out tomorrow excite me! Cremesheen and Suite Array. They're both available online to buy now, but in stores tomorrow (obvi). I have my eye on Ocean 2, Sweet Liason, and Smoke & Ash duos. As for the new Pearglides, Miss Fortune, Bankroll, and Fly-by-blu look pretty. For the duos, $14 for TWO colors in a little compact look good. What are you planning to get??


fuzkittie said...

Ahh the "talk", haha. Well good luck on everything.

I got sick too! Totally coughing up a storm... :| Hope you're feeling better, I'm trying to get rid of it before I leave!!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

wellif it makes u feel better i just had my soccer class on an empty stomach and no water in Riverside heat.
ughhh I feel sick now and wanted to throw up but even if I did I would have nothing to throw up.
I hate having colds and being sick.
I had strep throat a few weeks ago which sucks. being sick during hot weather is stupid.

I hope you feel better.

Oh, and for our anniversary, he didn't get me flowers/roses. =/
I felt kind of bad about it. I think he still needs some training in that area. I told him tho that I was expecting roses and he felt kind of bad that he didn't get it. But he treated me out to a great night so I figured I shouldn't let that ruin my night.

I was talking to my bf last night and asked him if he thought he was romantic. he said no. haha and hes hopeless when it comes to being romantic. grr its frustrating. But u know. I can't have everything.

angie519 said...

Colds are going around with the weather change =T. Hopefully it's not bronchitis! My old hs friend use to get Bronchitis once a year! Poor thing.

I'm glad he's going to read what you wrote. My ex use to always tell me he's scared to read it. Just give him some time, you want to make sure he gives it his full attention and takes it seriously anyways. Good luck!

Do some reviews on the MAC eyeshadows once you get them! I've been cutting back on mac but the duos look nice.

Feel better..with everything.

Le Midget said...

I'm excited about the cremesheen lipsticks..I can't decide which ones. Too many are appealing to me =/

Vanessa said...

just hang in there Joey! I haven't had time to do my blog rounds, but things will get better, you deserve only the best, and if someone isn't giving it to you, then you know...

Guys in general just never really depend on their emotions, they sorta just flow which sucks because there are those who just never get it. But then again you don't know what you have till it's gone, so maybe there will be that moment where he realizes it.

The BF and I were just at that point where I felt like I was wasting my time because I thought he didn't want to settle down, but he just wants to save money to have a good life. I guess because I am almost 30, I came to the big realization that something major has to change in my life...so I feel you.

We just gotta be strong!

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey chica, definitely let us know how it goes. we're here for you! i think we all go through this stage...i believe that you'll make the best decision. meanwhile...i'm checking out hte new collections tonight, i'll let yah know what i get!

Aya said...

Hope you feel better soon Joey. And if it makes you feel any better...my man is all testosterone, not romantic at all. But he's there for me 120%. If your boyfriend isn't there for you when you're sad/sick/confused/angry (even if you're angry at HIM), then all the romantic gestures in the world won't mean a damn thing. An abusive ex used to buy me flowers and teddy bears...the gestures were 'romantic' in a sick sense...I don't miss that sh*t one bit!!! It seems like your boyfriend loves you to pieces and doesn't want to lose you...so I hope you two can sit and talk and reach a comfortable medium :) Smile girl!

(g)ezebel said...

meh. i hope you cough all over the BF so he gets sick.

oh, you know i gotta put in another 2 cents. this coming from experience.

i'm 41. i've been around the block, girl. you're beautiful. even if you think you'll never love another the way you love your present BF, you WILL. beautiful girls are never at a loss for replacement men.

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

haha yea "talking" leads to sex lol! makeup sex!!! good luk babers! guys suk!

Bright Colored Makeup said...

Aww I know I'm late but I hope all things work out between you & your boyfriend. Take care & much love <33