02 June 2008

My Eyelash Secrets

I've been getting a lot of compliments about eyelashes, and people have been wondering how I get them as long as they are! haha.

My eyelashes used to be lacking in length and density, but my "big sis" (who's the owner of my gym, but is now more of my mentor/friend) showed me a product by Jan Marini. It's the Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner. You can read about the product here, but you can't buy it online. However, you can call 1-800-347-2223 for the nearest distributor.

Anywho. I've been using this product for probably 8 months, and I love the results I've gotten. You basically paint it on like liquid eyeliner on your upper lid every night before bed. I started to see results in about 4 weeks! The only catch is that I think once you stop using the product, the new lashes that grow in are your natural length. I'm not completely sure about that yet, but I kind of noticed that happening when I stopped for a few months. I then started applying it again, and the long, luscious lashes came back again, haha.

My 2nd secret is my mascara! Katie B's Faux Lash mascara has been my Holy Grail mascara for over 2 years now. I've tried probably over 25 different mascaras, and none have worked as well as Katie's. I used to use Lancome's Hypnose, and I thought it was the best until I used Faux Lash. I even had to use Hypnose for a week or so because I got a stye, and had to throw out my Faux Lash, while my new one was being shipped over. The difference in my lashes when using the two are a HUGE difference.

Katie is an uber experienced makeup artist, and has her own makeup line -- here. I trust her because she explained to me that after working in the industry for so long, you learn what ingredients in makeup make the products great products. (PLUS! All of her products are made of all natural ingredients!) Well, you can find the mascara here. Though it costs a little more than the typical MAC mascara, I'm telling you that it's well worth it!

My final secret is my eyelash curler. I bought my first Shu Uemura eyelash curler in 8th grade (!!!), and I've remained faithful after these years. I swear by it because of its silicone pad, and the sheer design of it. It really makes a difference in the curl you get. Also, when I curl my lashes, I don't just clamp down once, but in several different points on the lashes themselves. That makes a difference too.a

Well, I hope that my secrets can help you out in some way (:
Have a great Monday!


Plee said...

you are really pretty. thanks for the secrets!!! :) hehe. very pretty lashes!

and i loved your wicked look from other post.

L said...

joey, you are too effing cute. i wanna put you in my pocket and squish you! ;)

thank you for comin' by my page and givin' me that loooove. it's ALWAYS appreciated. i hope we can share lots of tips and techniques!

girl, you wouldn't believe it but i went to school with Katie. Ha... yup, we went to high school together, played volley ball together... altho i haven't talked to her since 97! she's become very successful, i am very happy for her! :)

and yes indeed, your eyelashes are awesome. i hate mascara, thus the reason why i use falsies. its so much faster but i want to try that eyelash conditioner thingy... maybe i can find some here in japan? :)

please come by again! :) ciao lil lady! ~L

IchigoBunnie said...

thank you for sharing your lash secrets! :D

if you dont mind, if you still have the box for the mascara, can you take a picture of the ingredients please (or list them down)? I couldn't find it on their website (im allergic to sulfates ;.; )



I've ordered the mascara...If it doesn't work Imma hunt u down and steal ur lashes. Deal!?

Anonymous said...

Now tell us what your skin care regimen is! :D It's so beautiful and clear, how do you do it?