19 June 2008

Quick FOTD

I went with the Bestie to the Whittier Farmer's Market thing tonight. It was pretty fun. I picked up 2 belts from the Melrose Vintage shop for $15. Pretty damn cute. But she took them ): lol Drea's borrowing them, haha. They have some pretty cool stuff.. like real Member's Only jackets from the '80s! haha.

This is my FOTD. I'm still tinkering with blues because of the Cool heat collection.. and I just like blues in general.

Here's what I used--
Smashbox Photofinish Primer in Blend
MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation in Medium
MAC Moisturecover in NW20
MAC Sincere blush
MAC Bone Beige/Emphasize Sculpt and Shape Duo

MAC Bare Canvas paint pot
Stila Kitten e/s as highlight
MAC Shimmermoss e/s on inner 1/3
MAC Cool Heat e/s (crease)
MAC Blue Flame e/s (crease)
MAC Deep Blue Green p/g (crease)
Stila Wheat e/s on tear duct
MAC Spiked brow pencil
MAC Wheat brow finisher
Lancome Artliner in Noir
Katie B Powderliner
Katie B Faux Lash mascara

Ew. Smudge.

& some pictures of Drea and I--
Mustaches.. heehee.


Uh-oh! She caught me eating my kettle corn like a fatty. Haha.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Wednesday. Now on to Thursday!

P.S. Plee-- About my lashes. My double eyelids were acting up that day, so the fold was a lot smaller. My eye lashes look really weird and wire-y when my eyes get like that. From the front view, my lashes look like they're sticking straight up, but in reality, I curl them like I usually do. They're just so long that they would hit my eyelid. Iduno. They're just weird. Not to be bitchy, but fyi (: haha but thanks for pointing it out.


Plee said...

hi :)

oh, that's fine. i do love your eyelashes usually :D you really rock blue eyeshadows.

do you prep your eyelids before? i'm trying to use purple eyeshadows, but they make me look bruised? do you have any advice?

IchigoBunnie said...

ok mzjoey, ur blog is making me come back a million times XD cuz of ur lovely eotd/fotds!! every time i visit your site, a lot of your looks really inspire me a lot! god i sound like a freakin stalker and am probably creeping you out or something XDDDD *is very embarrassed* keep up the great work! love the blues

Xuan N. said...

how many coats of the katie b mascara do you use? You make me want to buy it! hehe such an enabler!

anyway, I found you on ABB and thought you were gorgeous! keep up with the fotds and such. =]

Vanessa said...

You look gorgeous! I really love your eyes! Natural beauty!

kayebee said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

(I am way too chicken to tattoo my ribs!! Me + pain = baby)