23 January 2009

Tiny Beauty Palace Haul & An Update

So, last week I decided that I want to try a BB cream. It's mostly because my skin has been acting up lately (I blame the weather) by being more red and blotchy, and breaking out! Ew. And also kuz my mom wasn't blessed with being pretty, and got brown spots and dark circles.. (my poor mamas). I think it'll help her confidence to have prettier skin, even if it is so far into the game.

So anyways, after work, I dropped by the Beauty Palace across the street from the Country, because I know it's Korean owned. I was hoping to find some cheap(er) but good BB creams. Boy, was I wrong!! This older Korean woman walked up to me and started talking.. and talking.. and wouldn't shut the fuck up!! I got really annoyed. Kuz all she wanted to do was SELL ME BB CREAMS THAT WERE OVER $100! Seriously. I asked her for cheaper ones, and she's like, "This one is only $80." Dude, I'm not STUPID. I won't get hustled anymore by salespeople.. and plus, I'm too damn broke to be hustled like that. Anyroad, I totally got saved by the bf calling me (thank goodness!), so I walked away and found a teasing comb. Oh and I found a whole stand of Darkness lashes. I've never heard of the brand , especially since I never wear falsies! But I found two that were interesting. It was 2 for $5. I'm not sure if that was a good price.. but I said hey, why not.

This is what I ended up getting --

A teasing comb, bobby pins (I keep losing them!), and 2 pairs of Darkness lashes.

The texture of the teeth is what makes it awesome. Now, if only my hair would HOLD a tease..

The two lashes.

This one caught my eye kuz it's so dense. It's also cool kuz the ends seem to criss cross vertically.

And each box incudes glue. Or at least I THINK it's glue.. "/ lol.


Other news is that I just talked to the guy I'm planning to rent from. And he said that he definitely wants to rent with us. Yay (: And in anticipation of uprooting my room ONCE MORE, I let my OCD take over and I made post-its for my boxes. I organized it by where I'd end up putting the stuff in my new room, and then in fine print (that you can't really read/see), I wrote what would be going in that box itself. Lol, right? I'm just excited.. (: But thanks everyone for your well wishes and such. I'm just glad to be sharing it with you guys, because everyone has to go through this transition of gaining independence.

Also, adding to moving news. I'm picking up a desk for $10(!!!!) from some girl in Irvine. It's a super cute Ikea desk that they painted dark brown and put polka dot contact paper on.. heehee (: Totally me. I also found the dining table set I wanted at Ikea. Sooo cute!! It's originally $100, and they're selling it for $80. It's not much of a discount, but it's pretty new, and no tax!

I also found a TV stand I REALLY REALLY want.. but it's $139. $139 that I can't spare right now ): But it's soo cute, and perfect for my 36" flat screen.

Okay, well. Time to keep "working" haha.. Oh and I'm still trying to edit my video I filmed earlier this week. My windows movie maker has been acting up. SOO ANNOYING!! I need a new computer -____-

Well, happy Friday! Have a good weekend, kuz I know I will! I have a lot planned (:


Anonymous said...

i love darkness lashes!
i think the yellow one is really really strong glue.
btw, i love your handwriting!

xppinkx said...

hey doll

is this the beauty palace right by guppies...yeah i know there a bit pushy...but knowing me i buy the shit anyway...i would never pay over 35 bucks for bb cream...i have the same lashes as you!!!...there gunna make your eyes pop...i really like them but you have long lashes already!!!

woooo hoooooooo are you excited for the big M.O.V.E!

Vanessa M. said...

aww congrats on themove!!!

Kimberly Tia said...

omg how cute are your OCD Post-Its, that's soo something I would do... ROFL

How exciting for you, with your big move, you and pink are gonna be neighbors - you two can swap recipes and have cute dinner parties ^_^

mmm lashes...gotta love lashes.. and bb cream RIP OFF -- Ohayo in city of industry was trying to sell me hanskins caviar bb for $68... i about FAINTED.
it's all about ebay for BBs

miemiemie said...

haha ocd huh :) nothing wrong with that, it feels nice to be that organized. easier to manage to. oh and i think i've read about those darkness lashes on some forum. i'm not sure which one but i think its US based and they raved about them.especially the darkness eyelash glue..i think,that's what i recall.

angie519 said...

I'm quite OCD as well! =)

So you didn't end up buying any BB Cream? Sad!!

Awww the excitement of moving!

MakeupByRenRen said...

congrats on the move!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

wtf 2 for 5 are u serious? fucking bitch ass korean lady.


i went in there yesterday and she was watching me likea hawk.
i asked for BB creams nshe just picked 2 and rudely put them on the counter in front ofme. didn't even tell me what it did. then i go over to the darkness lashes, and im looking thru them n she's kinda yelling atme telling me they're all the same

omg i wanted to punch her
i just left. dumb bitch. lost a customer.

i actually went to the shiseido store right there kinda near that shopping center offa fullerton n colima.

it used to be an Amore store but i gues not only Shiseido. They also have drakness lashes.

n the lady there was nice.

ugh at palace beauty she said the lashes were 4 each. u got a deal then.

stupid bitch ass lady.