27 January 2009

Weekend Haul!

I went to the mall with my bestie to pick up some presents for her mom's birthday.. so of COURSE we had to drop by Sephora!

This is my haul from this weekend --
Origins Clear Improvement mask, Dior Addict lip gloss in Lacy Apricot, Too Faced First Base, NARS multiple in Copacabana, heated eyelash curler, small e/s brush, MAC Bare Study paint pot, MAC MSF in Medium, and 100 pack MAC wipes.

My mom bought me an Origins mask because she had a 25% off coupon. I've used this mask a long time ago, but it makes my skin reaally white after I use it. Maybe I'll write a scary post with me wearing this mask! haha.

Dior Addict ultra gloss reflect in Lacy Apricot. I fell in love with this lip gloss because of its peachy undertones! And it's so pretty! Mm.

Too Faced came out with a new product called First Base. I'm guessing it's supposed to be used somewhat like how I use MAC's Bare Study paint pot. The texture is a little creamier than I'd like, but I have yet to really use it.. so I'll let you girls know how I like it at a later time!

I saw Pink use this NARS Multiple in Copacabana, and I fell in love! It's such a gorgeous, subtle sheen if it's blended correctly. It's perfect right on the cheekbones!

My MAC haul.

I used my WHOLE POT of Bare Study, lol! I was dying.. so I had to pick up another one!

In all honestly, I picked this up because of Pink also! In her post about BB creams and such, she has a video in which she uses her MSF lightly over her BB cream and concealer.. and her skin looks like silk! I haad to get my hands on it. I've only used it twice, but I'm totally in love!!

& My mom gave me the cutest red envelope! haha. It's such a cute little girl. It's funny, kuz in the pack of red envelopes my mom bought, there was a little surfer boy! And she gave it to the bf kuz he loves surfing. It was sweet (:

And.. last but NOT least!! This is the necklace that I've been raving about (if you follow me on Twitter)!! Metropark was sold out around Christmas season and it hasn't been in-stock SINCE!! So, I went to pick up some shaved ice in Irvine with the bf, and there's a HK store called Kitty House right next to it. OF COURSE, I went in there (: haha.. and I found it!! They had two in stock, so I bought both! One for me, and one for my mama (: It's her really really really late Christmas present (since I had no moneys around the holidays).

I'm totally in love! AND it's pink (:


L said...

HOW CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE MEI!!! the HK necklace is supah'pink! I LOVE IT! i gotta find me an affordable one too cuz i can't afford the Kimora Lee Simmons line. LOL

NICE, NICE haul... your mama is gun be happy!!! you're such a great daughter! <3<3<3

I need to get me some of the MAC MSF for my BB creams too. BTW, Ima hook you up w/ a cream shortly mei! ;)

L said...



LadyJane said...

That's a good haul! Your swatches are so pretty - I'm gonna check out the products now haha.

ning * star said...

oh...this is nice... your Dior item is very pretty.

Happy Chinese New Year

Vanessa M. said...

oh ma gawd josephnie! i got that MSF Natural too! like a few days ago! hehe yay! and great HK necklace it soo cute! <3

MakeupByRenRen said...

great haul! the necklace is too cute!

angie519 said...

Awww what a cute necklace! I heard QVC had a fake diamond HK necklace.

Awesome haul! I use to use that Origins mask! Oh man, you are making me want that Dior lipgloss! I currently don't have enough apricot color lippies!

First Base is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Iyah said...

I have the MSF Medium as well :D I love it too :D and please, please do a review on that Origins mask :)

Ohhh, where exactly is that HK store? I wanna go! Is it in Irvine spectrum??

Aradani said...

awesome haul! i had just gotten my very first paint pot (rubenesque since i have udpp)and now I just want MORE lol. You make me wanna try MSFs.
I love the HK necklace!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

ooo hawlageeee

i kinda want a nars multiple. i think i tried copacabana as well.

i like mac wipes. i think they work well but the only thing i dont like is the smell.
i mean it doesn't smell too bad...but i think it overwhelms me. idk im kinda sensitive to the smell of it. it kinda gives me a headache whenever i use it.

irisax said...

whoo mac MSFs are my hg :)

Chavonney said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee your hello kitty necklanceeeeee..
and does that "First base" crease??

Kanita said...

I love your necklace! Its so pretty and perfect size. I've searched for it online after seeing it on your blog, but without any luck :( Does it have a specific name or number that I could find it by? Thanks so much

Ji said...

The pink Hello Kitty is so cute!!!<3