17 March 2009

Getting into Gear

Sorry for my prolonged absence, ladies.
I've been working two jobs and trying to maintain a clean apt (thanks to living to two boys, it's a LOT of a work). I'm working at my dad's private school again since he FIRED the bitch that fired me.. (: And then I'm hostessing at my dad's restaurant (East 180). That shit is TIRING.

The reason for this post was to write about my weight. I haven't been taking many pictures of myself lately because I don't like how it looks. I've noticed my face is a bit chubbier along the jawline. I finally weighed myself after about 3 months. I haven't had a scale in my vicinity since we moved out of our "small house" in December, back to our "big house." My trainer and I went to the big ass scale at the gym, and it said 133. Oh. My. God. I was kind of upset on the inside. I don't know how I got this bad. I kept thinking about how I used to be 108. Or 115 after I gained some muscle mass from working out 4x a week.

Well. It was a wake up call, and I'm seriously going to get into gear. I'm scheduled to work out at the gym twice a week, AND the bf and I will start taking walks or short runs. I've never been a runner, so we'll build up to running/jogging eventually.

Okay, I know that picture-less posts kind of suck, so I fooled around with my new Macbook (for work only ;p) so here are a few silly pictures!

My Kitty Kouture compact! (: I loooooveee

My mommy came to visit me at my apt. this weekend, and she brought my baby, Icee! hehe. Sorry for the darkness, though ):

I'm going to try try try and update more. I feel so guilty since I lurk, ha. But okay. Have a great Tuesday, girls!

Btw, did anyone watch GOSSIP GIRL LAST NIGHt?!?!?! OMgggg, haha. Lonely boy is soooo annoying!


Kasumi said...

omg I know how you feel! i'm not much of a runner either and just started running again. I found an excuse to stop because of the cold weather i'm so bad!
I'm the one to get a chubby face after sleeping, eating too late, my weight. It's so hard to get it to slim down >_<
Wish you luck with working out! I know i'll need it lol.

Iyah said...

You look very lovely! :) I don't see any weight gain on you :D You still look very very pretty! :D

GiGi said...

I think you look beautiful. I know it sucks when you don't feel good about yourself, but don't get down. I always end up eating more when I do that.

GiGi said...

I think you look beautiful. I know it sucks when you don't feel good about yourself, but don't get down. I always end up eating more when I do that.

wuzzyangel said...

You look wonderful girl!! Don't sweat it!! Jeez.. I remember when I WAS 133.... so long ago!!

So cute posing w/ HK!! ANd Icee is too cute!! I've got 6 of them here at home like her!! lol!

Rest up and don't overwork yourself too much now!! :)

Kimberly Tia said...

How the HELL are you 133 and I'm 109, that makes no damn sense, when I met you at the Pow Wow you were like PEA-SIZE with super hotness.

I don't believe you sorry -- you LIE, I want to see photographs with the scale for actual proof.

and goodness two jobs and a 2 boys, 2 boys is is work in itself, so consider that like 3 jobs and a half.... LMAO!!!

ummm so yah your BFF really is going to IMATS ey??? PUWHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAH (hides all sharp objects from Joey)

fuzkittie said...

Yeaaaa! I love the Kouture compact too! ^^

missdiana said...

hello Im Diana

I just want to say - you have such a crazy schedule, i honestly dont know how you do it!

L said...

Mei, you're beautiful regardless. But do what you wanna do and whatever makes you happy! You know I support you!!! <3

Beauty is Androgynous said...

its all good girl

i keep getting "wakeup calls"
but yeah. i keep saying im sticking with it but its hard.

but as of lately, i've been eating better and going to the gym more often.

i'm sure it's not a bad weight for you.

other ppl have it worse.

just keep with it. you can do it.

May said...

You sure don't look like 133. Don't worry, I'm sure you can loose back the weights very soon.

angie519 said...

Yup, I watched Gossip Girl! Do you think the show is getting really random? Or is it just me..? haha

Awww I don't think you've gained a lot of weight. But when I gained weight in college, it showed in my face. It's still in my face .. >.< haha. Oh welllll

Nice ring! ;)

Aww is Icee a poodle? Icee looks like a little version of Pocky!

X3MZSHAR said...

cute doggy!

irisax said...


seriously, you can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

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