18 September 2008

Review: Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant

What they say: The dermatologist tested formula, in a refreshing scent, delivers prescription strength defense against wetness and contains Dove 1/4 moisturizers to care for delicate underarm skin. And unlike leading prescription anti-persperant/deoderants, it does not contain aluminum chloride or alcohols which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. With all-day protection and exceptional skin care benefits, it is the ultimate combination of strength and beauty.

Directions: Click it twice, and apply on your armpits before sleep every night. They say that your body temperature regulates while you're sleeping, so the product works best when it's absorbed overnight. It offers 24 hour protection, so there is no need to apply in the morning.

(Two clicks)

What I found: I like the product, for the most part. I have a problem with sweating a LOT in my armpits (TMI, I know), no matter what deodorant/antiperspirant I use. I tried this product for about two weeks just to see if there would be a difference. I applied it at night before bed, like instructed. I didn't sweat for the most part of the day, but I'd feel a little wetness late in the afternoon.. when it's hottest. I find myself sweating a bit when I walk to my car, lol. So much for "24 hours of protection." I tried putting it on in the morning, and it made a difference. I wouldn't really sweat until the wee hours of the night when the AC isn't running (because of my weird thermostat-tyrant dad). Also, the consistency is weird for a deodorant; it felt sort of like my Smashbox Photofinish Primer when I put it on my pits.

Last thoughts: It works for the most part. It'll probably work better for people that don't sweat as much as I do. And it smells nice! I always like Dove's Cool Escentials scent.



Annonymous; They retail for about $8-9, plus tax. About the residue, if you put it on in the morning, you'll probably get a little on your shirt, as I did. But I didn't let it completely dry since I'm always in a hurry. If you put it on at night as they instruct you to, then there shouldn't be any white residue on your shirt.


Fei said...

I love that it looks like you're putting on deodorant in the car. LOVE that Dove scent and I need a new stick anyway, so this is now on the list. I usually like unscented ones, but Dove fragrances aren't nauseating to me.

Beauty is Androgynous said...

dove deoderants always smell good to me except baby powder scent i hate baby powder scent for some reason.

i usually sweat too ( i don't know if it's excessive) but it's enough to where I don't wear certain colors.

I use Mitchum but the guy one that has no scent. I used the lady one with the scent and for some reason I think the dude one works better lol.
besides smell, i dont know why men and women have different kinds of deoderant.
i just go for the guys haha.

L said...

thanks mei, for this review. like fei, i need a new deodorant too cuz you know, the hubz is back on sunday and i need xtra protection. *winkwink* LMFAO.

@Mimi: baby powder = strippers ((LOL))

Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks for this review :)

Like you, I sweat a lot! LOL, can't walk without sweating -_- I'm going to try and find this. Sounds promising :)

Anonymous said...

just wondering how much is it? Does it leave white residue on clothes? Yeah, I have sweating problems too. It kinda sucks for a girl, we cant wear certain clothes and colors on hot day. Plus when I go to the gym I can ONLY wear tank tops just in case I sweat, people cant see it.(SO EMBARRASSING)

xppinkx said...

hola joey baby

Im not a fan on lady deoderants...i actually prefer mens deoderant over womens...good ol spice wroks for me...i like the fresh scent...

for your questions on Catalina...like i said if your into looking at your Bf all night and into shacking up hours on end then yeah go for it...i'd suggest bring a pair of hiking shoes...you can rent a golfer cart and drive around which was actually pretty fun...the food is actually inexpensive on the island!...it's a great place for lovers!...id suggest to stay at the catalina can resort...all the other hotels are kinda shit and dirty...they also have a complimentary van that takes you up to the resort...get a massage...i think taking a day trip would be good enough...i spent the night and my ticket on the express was for 7 pm i decided to take the 11 am back...like i said it's an island to hump like bunnies...oh and the beaches are crap cuz they are soooooo small...but it's a beautiful island none the less

hope this helps!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

hehe sweet! i was eyeing this lmao i sweat alot too lmao!! thanx! good to know ;)

IchigoBunnie said...

thanks for giving us the heads up about this!

I heard about the whole aluminum whatever it is, being all unsafe, and I was worried about that a little bit, but it's great to know that this product doesn't have it! When my current Secret deoderant runs out, maybe i'll give this a whirl :)

again thanks for the review Joey! :]

clements said...

Since im in Britain..the export of this product hasnt begun yet, but i was lucky enough along with 5 other girls to try out this product to see how it worked. i can tell you that this product is fantastic...with its refreshing smell and how soft it really does leave your underarms.however there are some things you should take into consideration:

1) rub the stuff in again with your hands just to make sure it sinks in well...or you end up with white marks or a crusty underarm..the cream dries up...

2)NEVER EVER get this into your eyes.......
it dries your eye out quite badly so you have to run loads of eye liquid through your eye to shift it.
(i got in in my eye by mistake....bad thing to do!

Apart from that you can wave your sweat pitts toodle ooo!


Anonymous said...

Has anybody tried certain dri deodorant. They sell it at walgreens. This one you only put on at night and it shrinks your pours so you do not sweat. I too have a bad sweating problem. I even sweat when it is cold and certain dri works really well. My armspits would get hot but there was not sweat coming out. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone. It does take about a day or two to completely work but once you start using it you only have to apply it once a week. You can only put it on right before bed or it will not work. It costs about 6 dollars at walgreens but I am telling ya it works. I have tried the walgreens brand before and that one does not work, so it is not worth the dollar less for it versus the name brand one.