24 September 2008


Hi Ladies.

I just want to thank you for all of your support on my last entry. There was literally a rush of comments left the night that I wrote it, and they weren't short comments, but basically essays. All of the advice was good, and I thank you so much for actually reading my long-ass rant, and giving me some sound advice. We haven't really sat down and talked about it yet, but things are good for now. He knows that we HAVE to talk about this kind of stuff, because we keep fighting about the same thing. He was actually saying that he would read the entry I wrote, but he says he's scared (: haha. He effing better be! But I'll let you guys know what happens after we talk.. and THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for your concerns and comments and "hugs" (: I really love you all.

Anyroad. I'm really really sick. I got sick over the weekend ): And it hasn't gotten any better. Well, my throat has stopped hurting EVERY time I swallow my spit.. but it's like a normal cold now. I think it might be turning into Bronchitis, since my doctor said I have chronic Bronchitis.. LAME! But I just hope that resting and shit will make me feel better. I don't think it helps that the bf and I are going out and running errands, though.. hah. Sex doesn't seem to be helping either, if you know what I mean.

I don't have much to update with.. but MAC's collections that come out tomorrow excite me! Cremesheen and Suite Array. They're both available online to buy now, but in stores tomorrow (obvi). I have my eye on Ocean 2, Sweet Liason, and Smoke & Ash duos. As for the new Pearglides, Miss Fortune, Bankroll, and Fly-by-blu look pretty. For the duos, $14 for TWO colors in a little compact look good. What are you planning to get??

18 September 2008

Review: Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant

What they say: The dermatologist tested formula, in a refreshing scent, delivers prescription strength defense against wetness and contains Dove 1/4 moisturizers to care for delicate underarm skin. And unlike leading prescription anti-persperant/deoderants, it does not contain aluminum chloride or alcohols which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. With all-day protection and exceptional skin care benefits, it is the ultimate combination of strength and beauty.

Directions: Click it twice, and apply on your armpits before sleep every night. They say that your body temperature regulates while you're sleeping, so the product works best when it's absorbed overnight. It offers 24 hour protection, so there is no need to apply in the morning.

(Two clicks)

What I found: I like the product, for the most part. I have a problem with sweating a LOT in my armpits (TMI, I know), no matter what deodorant/antiperspirant I use. I tried this product for about two weeks just to see if there would be a difference. I applied it at night before bed, like instructed. I didn't sweat for the most part of the day, but I'd feel a little wetness late in the afternoon.. when it's hottest. I find myself sweating a bit when I walk to my car, lol. So much for "24 hours of protection." I tried putting it on in the morning, and it made a difference. I wouldn't really sweat until the wee hours of the night when the AC isn't running (because of my weird thermostat-tyrant dad). Also, the consistency is weird for a deodorant; it felt sort of like my Smashbox Photofinish Primer when I put it on my pits.

Last thoughts: It works for the most part. It'll probably work better for people that don't sweat as much as I do. And it smells nice! I always like Dove's Cool Escentials scent.



Annonymous; They retail for about $8-9, plus tax. About the residue, if you put it on in the morning, you'll probably get a little on your shirt, as I did. But I didn't let it completely dry since I'm always in a hurry. If you put it on at night as they instruct you to, then there shouldn't be any white residue on your shirt.

05 September 2008

Simple Look for Work on Thursday

This was a really quick tutorial I did before work yesterday. I didn't want to do anything dramatic since I had done a smokey eye the day before, so I opted for some color in my crease and a bold eyeliner.

(I left my normal camera at my mom's house last weekend so I had to use the bf's.... and the settings on there are like.. WTF. So a few pictures are a bit blurry and the flash is really intense, lol)

What I used --
MAC Bare Study p/p
Stila Weat e/s
Stila Kitten e/s
Stila Poise e/s
Too Faced Metallic eyeliner in Mermaid
MAC Beigeing shadestick
MAC Forest Green pigment
Katie B Fauxlash mascara
Katie B powderliner
MAC Spiked brow pencil

Start with a bare eye and curled lashes. I already filled in my brows.

Bare Study paint pot all over lid

Stila Kitten e/s on inner 1/2 of the lid

Stila Wheat e/s on outer 1/2 of the lid

Stila Poise on crease with a pointed crease brush

(Sorry for the blurriness)

Too Faced metallic eyeliner in Mermaid. Wing out the end.

MAC Forest Green pigment over the eyeliner

MAC Beigeing shadestick under eye with Wheat e/s over it

Stila Kitten e/s as highlight

Add eyeliner, tightline, and mascara.. This is the finished product! (Sorry the flash washed out all of the color..)

Anyroad. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, ladies! I'm going to be super busy.. working on Saturday. (I'm going to be at the Moon Festival at the La Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights tomorrow from 11-4 because my dad's private school he's opening has a booth! Come find me and say "Hi" if you're in the area! I'll probably be there Sunday too since my brother works, so I'll most likely go with the bf).

K, bye, lovies!

02 September 2008

Q & A, Like I Said!

Sorry if I missed your personal comment, but I just picked these out from the last few entries that I felt like I had to answer, haha.


i love venice beach! did you notice how far the walk is from where the sand stops to the shoreline??? hahaha.

- Lily

The walk was like more than 5 minutes! lol. It took me soooo long to get from the shoreline to the sidewalk.. I was huffing and puffing and shit because I have like, no cardiovascular endurance at all, lol.


I hate the beach too, I love the view but hate the sand, how your hair smells like beach, dirty bathrooms, etc, hahaha

- Vanessa

I hate the sand. I hate the mist from when the ocean breaks gets in your face and hair. I hate how sand gets EVERYWHERE. I hate the feeling of walking through sand. I hate the feel of your skin after going in the salt water. I hate the seaweed monsters that attack you. I hate kids that splash me. I hate WAVES THAT GET WATER IN MY EYES/MOUTH/FACE/EARS. lol. I pretty much hate everything about the beach except for tanning and the view.. (:


hihi! i absolutely LOVE reading your blog! i had one question for you that i hope you can answer. in your previous post, you mentioned that you used jan marini eyelash conditioning serum (i think that was the name??). well, i did some research on it and apparently, they were in trouble with the FDA for having a component ingredient in it that caused blindness! do you still use it and did you ever have any scary incidences with it? what stores, by the way, sell it? i would order on line but i hate waiting for shipping to come. are there any stores that would have it stocked? thank you soo much for in advance for answering!! :)

- Anon

Thanks for dropping by and reading! Sorry it took me so long to respond.. I've been so MIA. But anyways, yes, I do use the Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner, and I love it. I had no clue that they had gotten in some trouble with the FDA about causing blindness. I haven't used it in the last 2 or 3 months, because I've been too lazy and also because my lashes are at a fabulous length right now. I might not continue it because of this.. but I'm going to do some more research before I stop.. or start again. Nothing scary has happened with the Conditioner yet.. and I hope I never will. But thanks for the heads up! About purchasing it, I found out that you have to buy it from a licensed aesthitician. I got mine through my old regular. There's a number you can call (1-800-347-2223) to find the nearest distributer, but I'm not really sure how far you'll get with that. Also, as far as I know, they don't carry that in stores. Sorry.


Hi! I was just wondering if you still use the Anastasia stencils? They look so normal (in your previous posts) on you but they look hella bushy on me! The petite arch is the shortest in length and its still long. I didn't think my brows were THAT thin but I guess they are...

- Lisa

Hi, Lisa! I don't really use them anymore, I've gotten really lazy.. and it's a bit of a hassle to hold it up while drawing and all that stuff. I got them threaded last week, and I love them! And it had less pain than tweezing them myself, lol! Well, I used the petite arch, but I drew the lines a little bit more "inside" than I should have, I think. So my eyebrows came out a bit thinner to look more "normal," I guess. Try it again like how I did it and see if it still turns out weird. I hope it works out for you "/ Let me know!


I looooove when the parental units are gone, or I'M gone. It's a very liberating feeling to be able to be yourself.

They don't know about your tattoos?? lol.

- Fei

Yeah, I love being away from them.. but the way that I'm living now (not really talking to my dad or extended family but still living in the same house) is like I'm alone all the time. I just can't do whatever I want ): haha Being REALLY alone in the house was so awesome! The BF was over all the time, and I didn't have to worry about my dad walking in and getting pissed.

And no, my dad and extended family (stepmom, half brother and half sisters) don't know about my tattoos. He's really conservative, and would freak the fuck out if he found out. I think he'd literally send me to laser them all of.. and he'd pay for it.


ooo, more ink!!! it is addicting, isn't it? there's a guy in the office today who is half-sleeved on one arm, and i am soooo jealous. my goal is to half-sleeve my left arm.

- (g)ezebel

It is soo addicting! I think I should take a break until next year (maybe) because I've gotten all 5 THIS YEAR, lol. Ooh, I'm soo jealy about people getting half-sleeves! The bf is going to eventually get one.. I want a half sleeve so badly, but I don't think I could ): Maybe someday I'll get a quarter sleeve (:


Aww I think that's my favorite tattoo of yours too! I've been craving a meaningful tattoo lately also!

You got it on your hip/thigh? Did that hurt less than your other ones? The one on my hip bone hurt real bad! My next one is going to be on my hip, like 3 inches to the right and 1 inch up from yours.

- Angie519

Thanks! This is my favorite tattoo, by far! Yeah, it's on my hip/thigh.. like, right in between. It actually didn't hurt that much.. I was laughing and joking (and sober!) through the whole thing. The healing was the bitch. It was really sore and itched a muhfuh. Good luck with your next tattoo, let me know how it goes! What is that you want to get?


OMG you have 5 tattoos? Where are your other ones? love the new one though! =]

- Roxy

Yeah, I have 5, lol! My tattoos are: anchor on my hip, hello kitty behind my left ear, a paw print behind my right ear, a branch of cherry blossoms on my right ribs, and my mom's chinese first name and a heart on my left ribs. I had to get them all in places I could hide, lol!


LOVE the tat girl! Now all you need is a pin-up sailor-girl and a swallow and you'll have a nautical theme goin on.

- Aya

Lol. I actually want to get a big sparrow, but more realistic-style. I'm thinking either my back or my other thigh.. I love traditional tattoos and I think I want to pay tribute to where tattoos started getting more mainstream. The BF is also getting his half-sleeve all traditional tattoos, haha. Kinda funny.


i saw her post on your cbox too..so annoying how some people make those comments. where did her brain go anyway? oh and by the way, i posted a reply on fei's post too on RB's post. so why can't she insult each and everyone who reacted to that post? tss..don't mind her at all. people like that are sooo stupid and immature, haha

- miemiemie

People are so ridic. I feel a lot better now. What's stupid is that you DID post a comment on Fei's blog about RB, but no one said shit to you?? Lol. I didn't even say anything THAT bad about RB. She just has freggin crazy rabid readers.


I've been reading your blog for a while and I think you're one of the prettiest Korean girls... seriously. I'm glad you are not letting what some dumb jealous girl said about you get to you... because basically, her comments were probably all out of her own insecurity-- she's probably a cow. Keep doing what your doing-- i LOVE your FOTDs and stuff... :D

- Sally

Aw, thanks, Sally! I'm actually not Korean, even though people have gotten mistaken since the 8th grade. I'm Chinese (: haha. Anywho, thanks for your support! I'm going to keep doing this.. I love beauty blogging so much more than I thought I would. I never thought people would actually read it!


Anyroad. Thanks, everyone, for your support about that bitch that talked shit on my cbox. I'm pretty much over it, and I guess it comes with the territory. We beauty bloggers put ourselves out there.. and negative comments and feedback is pretty inevitable. I just want to thank everyone for visiting and reading my blog, and being friends to a stranger.

P.S. Does anyone watch Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill?! Can I say... OMFG?! Peyton and Luke are finalfuckingly getting married and going to be together! Dan is in a total Misery situation. Skillz and Deb are completely disgusting. -- Chuck totally loves Blair. Blair has the best clothes on Earth! Serena and Dan??? Jeebuz. But I totally loved her dress and hair accessories at the White Party. Nate screwing a married older woman? Oh gosh. I'm so excited these shows are back! Did you watch??