13 December 2008

2nd Video! My Blue Look.

My fabulous blue look I love doing so much! Here is my 2nd crack at doing a video tutorial! I slowed it down (just 2x), and I used a bigger font. Hopefully it's easier for people to read this time around. Let me know if you guys have anymore suggestions of comments!

What I used --
(All MAC unless specified)

Eyes -- Bare Study Paint Pot
Shimmermoss e/s
Nylon e/s
Blue Flame (LE) e/s
Stila Kitten e/s
Stila Wheat e/s
Katie B Powderliner
Brow Finisher in Wheat
L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner
Katie B Faux Lashes mascara

Face --
Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light
Dior TM in 2
Dior Skinlash concealer in 2
Mineralized Loose Foundation in Medium
Mineralized Blush in Nuance

Song - Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Btw, I'm wearing Circle Lenses on the tutorial and pictures.. one of my first pairs and I loove it. I've yet to do a review on these yet, but it's coming once I do FOTDs with each of my lenses.

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

i can read the text! yay! you did a good job. you look pretty w/o makeup as well.

IchigoBunnie said...

thanks for the tutorial! i like this slower version better so im able to follow what's going on :) Next time, are you able to zoom in just a teeny bit more please :) thanks so much!

i love this look so much that i stopped in the middle of commenting to go recreate this look XD haha.

oh btw, how come you do put foundation on your forehead? I know you don't need it cuz you already have like perfect clear skin, but i was just curious :)

L said...

awwwwwwwwwwww mei! aweeesome! another video!!! :) so glad ur back and thats a pretty look - love the contacts too! :) <3

Anonymous said...

The colors you used made me love blue more. Must try to recreate this.. hahaha.
this is really pretty.... =]

Audrie said...

So pretty! I love your circle lenses :)

Katrina said...

You're it!

Katrina said...

this look is very pretty.. i love it.

ANGE said...

You are sooo pretty :)

I thought that you had already applied your face before you started your eyes - that's how great your skin is!!

angie519 said...

Pretty! You contour your eyes so well! You've got doll-like eyes!

How do you like that liquid liner? I've been looking for one.

sooji said...

totally agree with the last comment.. i already thought you had done your face!!

you are such a doll miss joey!! you have beautiful eyes and you must share where you got those circle lenses! you're gorgeous! :D

btw i was meaning to ask, which do you like better as a base, the paint pots or the shadesticks?

Anonymous said...

what kind of circle lenses are those? i really love them. :)

miemiemie said...

thanks for the tutorial.you have such a lovely face and very very nice skin to begin with :) haha..and i noticed that you removed the handle of your stippling brush? haha..how'd you do that?

fuzkittie said...

You got lovely eyes girl~ The blue look is gorgeous, I like the light color in the middle of the upper lid. And the circle lenses look great on you!!

IchigoBunnie said...

oops. i just reread my comment and i did a typo. where i said "do put foundation", it's supposed to say "why don't you put foundation on your forehead" etc etc. I guess that might make more sense than what was said previously ^^() lol