16 November 2008


Fires are really scary.

My family was evacuated from Diamond Bar. I'm staying at the boyfriend's in Fullerton/Placentia for the day, so we should be okay.. even though there were fires pretty close to his place yesterday.

Past fires have never really been this close to home, not even the ones in Irvine by my mom's house. The firestorm that's spreading to my houses in Diamond Bar is scary because of all the dry brush along both sides of the 57 freeway. I just hope that my family doesn't lose all that we have. My dad's a pretty bad man, but I don't think he deserves to lose our multi-million dollar home that we've been remodeling for almost 2 years. AND my car is at home..

From the reports, it doesn't seem like we'll be able to get home tonight.. so maybe no work tomorrow! haha. That's the one good thing.

And I know that jRose lives in Diamond Bar too. I really hope that you and your family are okay.


IchigoBunnie said...

i heard about all those fires over in california.

hope you, your family, your house, AND your car stay safe and unharmed :)

mayaari said...

eep - hope you stay safe!

Lily said...

i hope you and your family stay safe!

alienman said...

i'm glad that, at the least, you and your family are all right and that your boyfriend was able to help out. it's great that you have each other :)

Beauty is Androgynous said...

I thought about you all day today with the fires and all. I was even driving thru the 60 freeway towards the bf's house and all I heard on the radio was diamondbar constantly and wondered if you were one of the many that had to evacuate.
Reading this blog is nice to know that you're okay at least.
I think everything will be fine.
I hope your house is ok.

Take care. Keep us upadted.

L said...

emailed you sis, lemme know you're aight.

fuzkittie said...

Those fires are crazy!! Stay safe!

miemiemie said...

i saw that on the news..it looks pretty bad and sad too, i have lots of relatives in the LA area..I do hope that you and your family will be safe and unharmed..Godbless

xppinkx said...

i will give you 8 hugz!!!

hope your safe and i just read your twit...yay for the car!

angie519 said...

Good luck!! I'm glad to see you and your car are fine! =)

Yas said...

That is so scary. I was evacuated last year in the Santa Clarita fires so I know how scary that can be. Take care & I'm sending prayers for your safety.