04 November 2008

Election Day.

Today is the absolute last day at 8 PM (for Cali readers) for your vote to COUNT!

Today is a monumental day.. and I can't wait to see Obama's name as the winner (: Although early polls have shown that Obama has taken the lead, he still needs EVERY VOTE out there.

Let's make a difference, people (:


I woke up earlier than I usually do just to vote today. I was lucky that my polling place was in my community! You gotta love living in The Country! (: hehe. It was literally less than a mile away, and I got in and out within a matter of 5 minutes. I double inked all of my choices to make sure they would be read. And they had this amazing machine that read the results for you right when you're done.. just to make sure there isn't any vote flipping or bullshit like that! I just hope that today's election doesn't end up rigged like '04.

Well. I'm not telling you to vote for Obama, obviously, but we all know we need change! Maybe McCain can bring it.. but so can Obama. People say that Obama is just feeding a bunch of rhetoric, but I believe that he really wants to make a change, and make it easier to live in America. Whoever you vote for today, just VOTE. But don't forget about your props (:


Btw. I'm not sure if it's entirely related to what I wrote earlier this morning, but I was really upset last night. I stumbled upon a documentary made back in 2004 about the families of fallen soldiers in Iraq. Those brave families read the last letters they received from their loved ones. It literally broke my heart. I had only heard of but not seen a documentary like this.. and it moved me so much. I literally cried for an hour and a half, sitting there watching this heartbreaking film about these families. Soldiers dying at 19, 20, 22.. even 34. These soldiers all had stories, families, and important things they left behind at home. It got me really upset and sobbing, and it brought me back to thoughts of the war. I never really educated myself about the war in Iraq, because it never really touched me before. But after seeing this, I feel like the war wouldn't have happened at all if Bush were not in office. A LOT of things wouldn't be wrong in this country if he wasn't in office.. but it just shows that WE NEED CHANGE. We CANNOT have 4 more years of the last 8. My heart broke for the families that lost their loved ones; I could NEVER imagine losing a husband or brother even after not seeing them for months on end. We need to end this war. We need Obama.


angie519 said...

We turned in our ballots a couple of days ago =). I'm excited! My mom was nuts about voting this year haha.

fuzkittie said...

Woohoooo~~~ Yayyy :D

alienman said...

you'd be proud of me :D i'm an early voter, hellz yayer

i'm so glad to see how passionate you are about all this

just goes to show, beauty bloggers are not bimbos who are only focused on being pretty.