29 August 2008

Incandescent's Contest -- Top 5 Hotties!

Here are my top 5.. off the top of my head, lol! They are in no certain order (:

1. Hayden Christensen
Despite his shitty choices of movie roles in the last few years (like, whiny, bitch roles), he's effing hot.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal
He and Reese Witherspoon are the cutest couple.. I'm rooting for them! But he really needs to shave his beard off once he's done shooting Prince of Persia! I think he's a brilliant actor. What I loved him in: Jarhead, Donnie Darko, and Bubble Boy.

3. Poppa Pitt!
OF COURSE he has to be on this list! Even though he's 44, he's still effing sexxxy. He's so inspiring by what he's doing to help our Earth. Plus, he's an amazing actor. What I loved him in: SE7EN!!!, Fight Club, Troy, Oceans 11, 12, and 13, Twelve Monkeys, Babel, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

4. Edward Norton
I loved him in American History X. And I love the diverse roles that he picks. Ughhh (: He's got the most amazing acting chops, and can transform into whatever role he needs to. Plus, he's not that bad to look at (; hehe. What I loved him in: American History X, The Painted Veil, The Hulk, and Fight Club.

5. Christian Bale
1) He has an accent. 2) He's a great actor. 3) He has an amazing body! What I loved him in: American Psycho, Reign of Fire, The Prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Night (of course).

Well, that's my contest entry! (:

15 August 2008

Tutorial - Melon and Purple Look

It's my first tutorial! I totally winged this look, and wasn't completely happy with it "/ But I guess it's okay. A few pictures didn't come out too well because I was a bit rushed to get to work.. so, sorry, lol.

I didn't do a full face because my skin has been acting up lately ): Damn hormones. Let me know if you guys liked this.. I can do more if people want me to. They're not that bad, haha.

Alright well, I used --

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC Melon Pigment
MAC Lovely Lily Pigment
MAC Violet Pigment
Stila Wheat e/s
Stila Kitten e/s
Katie B Powderliner
Katie B Faux Lash Mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic liquid liner (I love this stuff!)
MAC Spiked brow pencil

Here we go --

Start with a bare eye

Bare Study paint pot all over lid.
I find that the paint pot dries too quickly with one coat, so the colors don't stick as easily. To remedy that, I put two layers; it works like a charm!

Melon pigment on inner half of the lid (with a MAC 252)

Lovely Lily on the middle of the lid (with the same brush)

Violet pigment on outer "v" area (with same brush)

Pick up Wheat e/s with big fluffy brush, and blend out any harsh lines

Kitten e/s as highlight with big fluffy brush (Sephora All Over Shadow brush)
(Sorry for the blur "/)

Violet pigment to emphasize crease (I forgot what brush this was, sorry lol)

Line upper lash line with L'Oreal liqid liner

Line waterline with Katie B's Powderliner and apply Faux Lash. And we're done! (Sorry for the blur again ><)

Happy Friday!

P.S. I made another appointment for a tattoo on Wednesday night. I don't even know what I want yet (lol!), but I'll figure it out by then. I went with Drea yesterday to get her anchor tattooed on her ankle.. it's ADORABLE! I'm dying to get my anchor too.. *sigh* (We had both decided on our own to get anchor tattoos, then mentioned to each other.. so it's not like we're getting matching ones or we're copying one another) I'll let you know more once I decide or get it done! (:

12 August 2008

I'm a Horrible Person ):

I've been neglecting my blog SO MUCH! And all of you ladies ):

My dad has been out of the country for the last week, and I'm pretty much just totally taking advantage of the fact! haha. I've been clubbing three times, and my boyfriend sleeps over every night. I drive my car out as late as I want, and I've gone swimming without worrying about people seeing my tattoos! Wow. It's such a liberating feeling. I feel like MYSELF at home. It's a weird feeling, lol.

Anywho. Thanks for the concern (especially (g)ezebel for the follow-up comment!) about my stye I got last week. I was pretty quick to get on going to the eye doctor's. I went Monday (last week) right after work and got me some antibiotics. I also had to do hot compresses with a boiled egg 2-4 times a day. She tells me to use eggs because it retains the heat a LOT longer than a hot towel would. It works so well! Anywho, after looking completely disgusting all day Monday and Tuesday, it popped by itself (gross!) when I was clubbing (DOUBLE GROSS!). It didn't necessarily POP; it just drained. It felt like I had really watery eyes, haha. I'm just glad it was gone and I didn't have any pain!

Last week was pretty busy.. I only went to work on two days! lol. I took a trip to Venice beach with my brother, the bf, his brother, and two korean kids. It was really fun! I have yet to upload pictures, but I will today, I hope.

Anywho. I'm off to buy lunch for the boyfriend and brother. I'll post again later today, hopefully (: