04 January 2015

noms || Kopan Ramen

while my bf was getting his monthly haircut this morning, his barber recommended a ramen spot around the corner since we were talking about our favorite foods. I searched on Yelp, and found Kopan Ramen.

the restaurant itself was fairly small but we got there around 15 mins after they opened their doors at 11:30, and was able to get a table for 2 right away. 

their menu is super simple. a main pork bone broth that is cooked for 16 hours, and a fully vegetarian option. there are 3 different meats to choose from (pork belly, fatty pork, chicken breast) in 2 sizes(regular/small)--in 3 different spicy levels. 

they offer lunch specials that incl ramen and an appetizer for small-$9, regular-$11. 

I ordered the small fatty pork ramen w/ cucumber salad. 
he ordered the small chicken breast ramen w/ gyoza. 

bottom line: the broth was full and flavorful but not too salty. mild was a bit spicy for me :( but was still yummy. noodles didn't seem made in-house, but still had good texture and chew. fatty pork (pork neck) is my favorite meat cut so you can't rly go wrong with that! cucumber salad wasn't as pickled as I like, but had good flavor. and gyoza was served with a yummy ponzu-like sauce. 

my bf said this place was 'bomb!' lol so I'm sure we'll be back! it's always nice to find a good ramen spot.

Kopan Ramen 
141 e commonwealth ave
fullerton, ca 92832

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