17 March 2009

Getting into Gear

Sorry for my prolonged absence, ladies.
I've been working two jobs and trying to maintain a clean apt (thanks to living to two boys, it's a LOT of a work). I'm working at my dad's private school again since he FIRED the bitch that fired me.. (: And then I'm hostessing at my dad's restaurant (East 180). That shit is TIRING.

The reason for this post was to write about my weight. I haven't been taking many pictures of myself lately because I don't like how it looks. I've noticed my face is a bit chubbier along the jawline. I finally weighed myself after about 3 months. I haven't had a scale in my vicinity since we moved out of our "small house" in December, back to our "big house." My trainer and I went to the big ass scale at the gym, and it said 133. Oh. My. God. I was kind of upset on the inside. I don't know how I got this bad. I kept thinking about how I used to be 108. Or 115 after I gained some muscle mass from working out 4x a week.

Well. It was a wake up call, and I'm seriously going to get into gear. I'm scheduled to work out at the gym twice a week, AND the bf and I will start taking walks or short runs. I've never been a runner, so we'll build up to running/jogging eventually.

Okay, I know that picture-less posts kind of suck, so I fooled around with my new Macbook (for work only ;p) so here are a few silly pictures!

My Kitty Kouture compact! (: I loooooveee

My mommy came to visit me at my apt. this weekend, and she brought my baby, Icee! hehe. Sorry for the darkness, though ):

I'm going to try try try and update more. I feel so guilty since I lurk, ha. But okay. Have a great Tuesday, girls!

Btw, did anyone watch GOSSIP GIRL LAST NIGHt?!?!?! OMgggg, haha. Lonely boy is soooo annoying!